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the idea of a federal organization of more or less self-governing units

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Federalism was adopted in Nigeria largely to ameliorate the negative effects of diversity but the system has not been able to resolve the inbuilt contradictions within the Nigerian society as envisaged by the architects of the system who saw federalism as a solution to the country's multiplicities.
BEIRUT: Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch John X Yazigi emphasized over the weekend the need to maintain unity in the region, rejecting any form of federalism in Lebanon or the Arab world.
11) In a recent article, I examined how the nation's approach to education federalism served as one of the principal obstacles to three of the most comprehensive federal attempts to advance equal educational opportunity: school desegregation, federal school finance litigation, and the No Child Left Behind Act.
8) Whether or not this argument is strictly true is a debatable proposition, given that federalism is an unwritten, underlying principle of the Constitution and the scope of that principle will continue to be defined through jurisprudence.
The rebel group accused the government of trying to renege on the previous understanding which acknowledged federalism as the popular governance system historically demanded by the people in the country.
Though its title does not indicate as such, the Global Promise of Federalism is a well-deserved Festschrift for political scientist Richard Simeon, the distinguished scholar of Canadian and broader federalisms.
fiscal federalism in Pakistan and 18th Amendment; the 18th Amendment and development outcomes through local government systems: case study of KPK focusing on decentralization and local government; analysis of 7th NFC with reference to Balochistan; Devolution Plan 2001 and its implications for district bureaucracy; politics of provincial autonomy studying Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and community mobilization.
We have said that although the government is saying that they have great respect of federalism, but in essence or in effect we don't see the sign of such federalism.
Part I highlights adaptive regulation as a form of federalism, echoing a vision for subnational regulation that many federalism scholars and policymakers have endorsed over the past two decades.
With the launch of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) in March 2013 aiming to solve the problem of southern separatism, the idea of federalism gained a strong following, especially among international organizations and diplomats who negotiated the political deal and now monitor its implementation.
Federalism has had a resurgence of late, with symposia organized, (1) stories written, (2) and new scholarly paths charted.
Sana'a: Political analysts and economists in Yemen have warned that the country's "quick" decision to move to federalism could be self-defeating since it is not prepared for the transformation.
When Mario Albertini, writing in 1963, sought to treat federalism as a political theory in its own right, he made a combined use of the writings of Immanuel Kant and Alexander Hamilton, two figures not typically discussed together, in order to identify the three main pillars of federalism as a political theory: from Kant, he derived peace as the value of federalism; from Hamilton, he identified the proper institutional characters of the federal state for ensuring peace; and from Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, he articulated the vision of the evil of national absolute sovereignty and the need for multi-level systems of government from the local to the cosmopolitan level.
WASHINGTON, July 11, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Federalism in Action Project launched an innovative and in-depth toolkit aimed at equipping lawmakers with the resources to keep government local and to make a difference at the state level.
In thinking about the future of federalism, the Supreme Court and the Constitution, it is fitting to quote from that piece.