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an administrative unit of government

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ED.gov was the eighth-best federal agency website - up 15 places from 2005 - in the latest edition of "State and Federal E-Government in the United States," a report published annually since 2000 by the Taubman Center for Public Policy at Brown University.
A new federal agency being ensure that assessment of immigrant professional credentials will be more efficient, according to Diversity Works.
Corporations Canada, a federal agency that regulates corporate names, on Sept.
One component is the Student Temporary Employment allowing a Federal agency to hire students temporarily.
Take the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OSCE), the federal agency charged with monitoring child-support distribution.
Park Service, the federal agency responsible for the maintenance and promotion of America's national parks, is on a religious crusade.
Rather, FirstGov makes use of existing federal agency databases for its content.
The site features reports, legal decisions and opinions about appropriations, bid protests and major federal agency rules.
As the Interior Department is protecting the Delhi Sands fly from developers in its 1,200 acres of Southern California sand dune habitat, the same federal agency is letting water, mining, and farming development trump Indian religious freedom in the same state.
In these cases, establishing rapport with the federal agency assisting in the investigation and with the U.S.
When Eichel opened the new Federal Agency for Financial Market Supervision in Bonn on May 6, the "pre-emptive strike" of the British and the Germans against the ECB's ambitions was, of course, a heated subject.
The Access Board, an independent federal agency, developed the basic Web accessibility standards using guidelines from the World Wide Web Consortium and its Web Accessibility Initiative.
Depending upon which federal agency is, making the request and how big the institution that's under inspection is, the agency may have specific regulatory authority to demand the workpapers.
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