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The control of the spermatozoa release from the spermatheca during oocytes fecundation is carried out by the muscular duct (King et al., 2011; Chapman, 2013), which can also show morphological variation according to species (Pendergrast, 1957; Kocorek and Danielczok-Demska, 2002).
Successful fecundation was verified with microscope examination, by verifying the presence of the polar corpuscle or cell divisions in the samples.
Studies underlined the importance of myoinositol in oocyte differentiation and inositol ability to improve fecundation with in vitro fertilization techniques in women with PCOS compared to supplementation with D-chiro-inositol, which can damage oocyte if administered at high dosage [13, 15].
This would be crucial for the investigation of human sperm before assisted fecundation, where 100% selection success is mandatory.
As the oocyte provides all the mitochondria to the zygote during fecundation, all these organelles are of maternal origin.
According to which ontogeny reflects the phylogeny, the infundibulum is present in very early stages of mammalian embryonic development (20 days after fecundation), while the RV sinus develops later (approximately 22 to 24 days after fecundation) [29].
Folliculogenesis Specific Basic Helix-Loop-Helix (FIGLA), the embryo-specific transcription factor, regulates expression of the genes responsible for the initiation of folliculogenesis and coding the zona pellucida proteins (ZP1, ZP2 and ZP3) essential for fecundation and embryo survival.
Their "paths cross but achieve neither an alliance nor a mutual fecundation; [...
There is little or no literary cross-fertilisation or mutual fecundation between periods (Swanepoel).
At this point, the oocytes were not sufficiently mature for fecundation, having a specific "drop" shape (Fig.
Phenological stage of the trees are as follows: start of blossoming was designated as the time when 10% of flowers on the trees blossomed; complete blossoming was designated as the time when 80% of flowers on the trees blossomed; end of blossoming was designated as the time when 80% of petals were lost and fecundation occurred.
Is it also an even more oblique reference to the bee images and fecundation in the scene of Charlus and Jupien in Sodome et Gomorrhe and the beauty of their encounter and sexuality?
This "mutual fecundation" (32) finally indicates that the meaning of creation expands as we make more connections among sacred texts, and that the truth of Christ, which takes up the "whole of human culture," is expanding with the rest of the universe.
They look at mutual fecundation and transformation of philosophy and anthropology, sources of philosophical anthropology, and philosophical anthropology at work.
After fecundation, the couple remain submerged for some seconds to a few minutes, emerging together or not, perchance at different places and times (Belote 2000).