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After fecundation, the couple remain submerged for some seconds to a few minutes, emerging together or not, perchance at different places and times (Belote 2000).
via formation of embryos without fecundation, and reconstituting a diploid meiotic mother cell during sporogenesis.
The use of rams with greater testicular development, and consequently with high fecundation capacity, is important to ensure good reproductive efficiency of the flock (MAIA, 2002; EMSEN, 2005).
Since the spermatozoids solution injected lacks these constituents, the fecundation process might be negatively affected.
However, the consequences of their effects on the mechanisms of fecundation and embryonic development to population control of herbivores have been little studied.
In humans, this occurs on day 28 after fecundation.
To biological stabilization of Nitrogen in roots, the corn fecundation was done by using related bacteria in each of attendances.
One opinion identifies two unequal periods: the embryonal period, between fecundation and the first two months of pregnancy or ten weeks from the amenoree when the organs and members of the embryo are forming and the period after the first two months or four and a half months of pregnancy and until giving birth when the organs are developing and maturing and on twenty-two weeks from the amenoree when it reaches 500 g and is considered viable.
In his book The Semiaquatic Bugs, Andersen (1982) established the phylogeny of Gerromorpha, and diagnosed the clade on presence of three pairs of cephalic trichobothria inserted in deep cuticular pits; quadrangular mandibular levers; pretarsi with one dorsal and one ventral arolium, and the female genital tract with a gynatrial complex, including a long tubular spermatheca and a secondary fecundation canal.
It is as if they were an essential element of fecundation for great mental processes.
This characteristic differs from species of the superfamily Aphidoidea that interrupt vitellogenesis and degenerate oocytes in the absence of fecundation or food to re-allocate the energy and increase longevity (BELL; BOHM, 1975; ROSENHEIM et al.
Decades of cross-disciplinary fecundation have delineated three basic areas of research for the emerging field of epidemiological criminology.
Intentionality and Semiotics: A Story of Mutual Fecundation as Told by John Deely.
Effect of in vitro Fecundation of Prepubertal Sheep Oocytes With or Without Cumulus Cells on Cleavage and Embryo Development Rate: A Comparative Study of Bovine Serum Albumin and Sheep Serum Added to the Capacitation Media
After reconstructing the oocytes, the researchers reactivated them by simulating the stimuli occurring during fecundation so as to induce embryonic development.