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with ineptitude


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Fecklessly, he does nothing to remove Cuba from the State Department's terrorist list.
I was one of its accoucheurs; I helped nurture the creature in its infancy by feeding it great draughts of blood and money; I guided it through its adolescence as it grew fecklessly out of control.
That so many are willing to lose thousands of pounds a year to sustain the sport is remarkable, but racing cannot fecklessly assume that will continue.
"I think a lot of the problems we have today go back to the original sins, in not only how we conducted the war, but how we fecklessly occupied the country," says Brian Katulis, national-security analyst for the progressive Center for American Progress.
features@people.co.uk WE revealed last week how Jamie Cumming had fecklessly fathered child after child with 14 different mothers.
This leads the community to retrench and become risk averse, which invites complaints by politicians that the community is fecklessly timid.
A Journey is his attempt to explain himself, not so much to what he calls, alternately, "the Daily Mail/Guardian alliance" and "the demonic rabble tearing at my limbs," but to those millions who so fecklessly voted him into office three times in succession.
The poem concludes only with her solipsistic, inarticulate, and still uninterpreted lament, turned fecklessly inward upon herself: "O misery!
Zeitgeisters, on the other hand, opt to fecklessly tap information into their fancy phones or laptops.
If Republicans want to do more than fecklessly chip away at America's rapidly expanding statism, if they want to reverse the statist tide and return America to a rights--respecting republic, then they must find the courage to do what it takes.
The contradictions between Emaline's daily life and her dreams for what the town could become create a mixture as volatile as the stick dynamite the miners use fecklessly to gash open the landscape of their beloved haven.
It also provides the input from which government agencies speculate fecklessly about prospective costs and benefits.
They were not successful until 1932 when Herbert Hoover, trying frantically and fecklessly to do something about the beginning of the Great Depression, made yet another colossal blunder by signing the NLA.
fecklessly. Ensured by the obverse coverage of it, by the meanings addressing it, the house not-nameable, not-datable, not-placeable hunkers like an alternate universe inside the meaning that seeks it.
In the U.S., union law has changed very little since the 1959 amendments to the National Labor Relations Act (which fecklessly attempted to give rank-and-file members more control over union leaders).