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the practice (usually by a labor union) of requiring an employer to hire more workers than are required

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The featherbedding, the restrictive work rules--we will never go back to that," Detroit News editor and publisher Robert H.
The Javits Center has been allowed to become uncompetitive because of corruption and featherbedding.
If bluecollar, labor union featherbedding has mostly been stamped out, white-collar featherbedding in government and private sector corporations seemingly goes on, even in recessionary times, though perhaps on a diminished scale.
Tthe EU is featherbedding inflexible labour markets and is driving its members into an impasse which can only result in their demise as trading nations in the wider world.
This is a far more positive approach than that of the easy featherbedding which is the norm in the UK.
A healthy dose of skepticism is in order before anyone believes the public really will get a benefit from the strike and that the featherbedding and sweetheart contracts between the MTA and its unions are gone with the wind.
Alas, unions also tend to defend featherbedding, dated technologies, and inefficient work rules.
Over the years, the MTA has indulged its administrators in outrageous perks, and the agency continues to support its own brand of featherbedding by protecting highly paid bureaucrats in unnecessary jobs.
International Union of Operating Engineers and the Laborers International Union of North America--These two unions represent the two ways organized labor has poisoned the construction industry: featherbedding and corruption.
Instead, Davis was counting on the MTA board to cave first and continue the featherbedding and sweetheart contract deals that union members have come to expect over the years.
So attached have our diplomats become to this foreign office featherbedding that, while the State Department insists on spending $4.