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a mattress stuffed with feathers


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The farming folk who do best out of this pernicious feather-bedding, otherwise known as the Common Agricultural Policy, are Prince Charles, the Duke of Westminster and other well-heeled, big-acred landlords.
The proposals are part of long-term reforms to the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which seek to end the previous feather-bedding of the sector against price movements and scarcity via expensive production-linked subsidies.
Now some Labour AMs seem to be keen to formalise this system of feather-bedding.
Only ``The Simpsons'' could skewer targets as diverse as nuclear power, cartoon violence, Disneyland excess, union feather-bedding and ``Kwiki-Mart'' hot dogs.
We are kept warm by being cotton wool wrapped, feather-bedding and lining the pockets of solicitors.
He added: "This isn't a question of feather-bedding post offices, we all recognise it's a harsh competitive world out there.
When are you going to stop protecting the money-grabbing cronies you've surrounded yourself with - they are feather-bedding, pocket-lining, money grabbing cronies - and actually clean up the act of this Government?
Some people might call such a procedure feather-bedding.