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In the case of the Estense government, this manipulation included the decorous elision, from all official accounts, of the context of war and subjugation that formed the historical backdrop for the games on Saint George's feast day. Integral to both this military past and the evolving demands of urban rule were the negative exemplars of community morality who found themselves performing in exhibitional games on many public feast days.
Every year, on his feast day, pilgrims, devotees, and tourists traditionally gather at his major shrine, at the Basilica di San Nicola in Bari, Italy where his sacred relics are kept, as well as in numerous churches dedicated in his memory in many parts of the world.
Other municipalities that celebrate the feast day of their patron saint are Angono in Rizal province, Labrador in Pangasinan province, Dinalungan in Aurora province, San Fernando in Cebu province, and Mogpog town in Marinduque province.
Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul (Eastern and Western Christianity), feast day of St Gregory the Theologian
Historians say March 17 is the traditional date given for the death of St Patrick and his feast day has been celebrated then since the seventh century.
His feast day would be set for May 17, the anniversary of the landmark 1954 school desegregation ruling Brown v.
Cyprian to "two fair cedars transplanted by God." Likewise extolling his anti-Arian victories, Gregory of Tours (History of the Franks 1:39, 2:37, 3:1) credits him with "resurrecting the dead and many other miracles." In 1851, Pius IX proclaimed him "Doctor of the Church." His Feast Day gives the name Hilary to the spring term at the English Law Courts, also Oxford and Durham Universities.
Devotees of Saint Clare of Assisi (Santa Clara de Asis), the popular patron saint of childless couples and of good weather, will offer special prayers and novenas in her honor tomorrow in commemoration of her feast day.
And Go's greatest shot in Season 80 came in the feast day of St.
FEAST DAY OF ST GUTHLAC 1644: Sir Thomas Fairfax was victorious at the Battle of Selby in the English Civil War.
Feast day of St Stephen (public holiday in Austria, Catalonia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland and Slovakia)
That pilgrimage gathers some 7,000 to 8,000 pilgrims in the first few days until it reaches 30,000 to 40,000 on the feast day itself.
Tomorrow is the feast day of Saint Dominic (Santo Domingo), the revered founder of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) and the initiator of the beautiful prayer of the Holy Rosary.
Annual feast day of Our Lady of Piat in the town of Piat in Cagayan province.
FEAST DAY OF ST GUNTRAM 1920: Douglas Elton Ullman wed Gladys Smith in Hollywood.