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without fear

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"Dear Queen, we have bent to the Frost-King's power, we have borne gifts unto his pride, but have we gone trustingly to him and spoken fearlessly of his evil deeds?
The rough floor was spread with deep green moss, and over wall and roof grew flowery vines, filling the air with their sweet breath; while above played the clear, soft light, casting rosy shadows on the glittering drops that lay among the fragrant leaves; and beneath the vines stood Violet, casting crumbs to the downy little moles who ran fearlessly about and listened as she sang to them.
The boys deserted their sports, and walking fearlessly among their fathers, looked up in curious admiration, as they heard the brief exclamations of wonder they so freely expressed the temerity of their hated foe.
By-and-by she will know the art like a West Point cadet, and will exercise it as fearlessly. She doesn't know anything about side-saddles.
Erskine has as much at stake as you; and yet he offers himself fearlessly."
Astor, finding his overtures rejected, proceeded fearlessly to execute his enterprise in face of the whole power of the Northwest Company.
That the general, having erected such a monument, should be able to face it, was not perhaps very strange, and yet that he could sit so boldly collected within its view, maintain so elevated an air, look so fearlessly around, nay, that he should even enter the church, seemed wonderful to Catherine.
We went out toward the north end of the city to see the place where the disciples let Paul down over the Damascus wall at dead of night--for he preached Christ so fearlessly in Damascus that the people sought to kill him, just as they would to-day for the same offense, and he had to escape and flee to Jerusalem.
As she spoke she descended from the platform, and with Carthoris at her side stepped fearlessly out upon the bloody field in the direction of the walled city of mystery.
Summary: Buriram [Thailand], June 5 (ANI): India football head coach Igor Stimac stated that Blue Tigers played fearlessly in the second half despite losing to Curacao in the first match of King's Cup on Wednesday.
He said that snipers and plain clothed commandos should be deployed around the buildings of churches so that 'Christians Biradri' may perform their religious rites fearlessly. He added that a new security plan of courts should be oriented under supervision of all RPOs and DPOs and during crafting new plan the equal safety of judges, lawyers and citizens should be specially considered.
SUKKUR -- Uncontrolled cheating culture on Tuesday continued unabated in ongoing intermediate exams being held under Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Sukkur as candidates fearlessly used key books and mobile phones during the paper.
Pervaiz Rashid said we should also provide protection to media houses so that they could fearlessly present objective analysis and reporting by exposing the forces of terror and threat.
Th Thmm The moody theatrics and croon rock mannerisms of the opening The Weight - definitely no relation to The Band song of same name - show Tom Wilson fearlessly exploiting the doomed romeo mantle.