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Synonyms for fealty

Synonyms for fealty

faithfulness or devotion to a person, a cause, obligations, or duties

Synonyms for fealty

the loyalty that citizens owe to their country (or subjects to their sovereign)


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Participants affirmed their commitment and fealty to the homeland and their determination to rebuild Syria, vowing to stand alongside the army in the face of terrorist and takfiri mentality, voicing readiness to sacrifice all they have in order to achieve victory over Syria's enemies, SANA reported.
Speaking as an Iraqi war veteran: please do not pay empty fealty to our military service while undermining the democracy our service members fought to protect.
Several of the local English Marcher lords had withdrawn from the king's fealty and were supporting Llywelyn in his campaign in the Usk Valley near Abergavenny.
They believe in British fealty to the US, and parliamentary fealty to the government, every bit as much as the Tory/Lib Dem coalition does.
Reformist groups have been suppressed or sidelined since then and the next president is likely to be picked from among a handful of politicians known for fealty to Khamenei, minimising the chances of political rifts leading to post-election chaos.
So far, all the houses in the firm's portfolio-one built into a rocky hillside in Valencia, another perched atop a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea--have shown a remarkable fealty to the same overarching sensibility.
Damascus: Main opposition group the Syrian National Coalition yesterday expressed concern at jihadist Al Nusra Front's pledge of fealty to Al Qaeda, warning it would serve the goals of President Bashar Al Assad's regime.
It lives within the patriarch, secures fealty and feasts upon the impure.
Favouritism, loyalty, fealty, whatever, all can lead to accusations of unethical behaviour.
Her powerful and ruthless family set her the task of procuring the feast for the upcoming Fealty Ceremony.
Those reciting the Pledge of Allegiance (in all its iterations) conclude by promising fealty to a republic with "justice for all," yet a cursory look at US history suggests that there are many times and situations for which this really means "justice for just us.
That this prearranged display of fealty leads to the destruction of the boys' friendship--and of their lives--is one of the many ironies of Taia's richly textured novel.
Indeed, sectarian fault lines, together with the security forces' complete fealty to the monarchy, seriously diminish the likelihood of peaceful regime change
Not bad for a transplant who still proclaims football fealty to Michigan State.
Pomeroy details how the strong showing of populism, progressivism, and in some areas, socialism, demonstrated the West's propensity to buck party fealty.