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Synonyms for fealty

Synonyms for fealty

faithfulness or devotion to a person, a cause, obligations, or duties

Synonyms for fealty

the loyalty that citizens owe to their country (or subjects to their sovereign)


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Stated in black & white in their statement of fealty the Houthis are a proxy and that is the correct terminology."
class="MsoNormalBLIND FEALTY class="MsoNormalThe same applies to all the other parties and alliances that have come and gone since the return of multiparty politics.
In the latter half of the decade, the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), which has publicly announced its fealty to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or Isis, has turned to sea piracy.
The slogan of the demonstration was "To Jerusalem on millions of cross bikes," one of the convoy members told Al Jadeed's correspondent in Adeisseh, and aimed to express fealty to the party's leader, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah.
What doubledealing from 118 of this lot to humble the Prime Minister by sinking her flagship Brexit plan then trot docile into a division lobby to express fealty.
Over 20 Umno MPs have quit the party, with most either joining PPBM or declaring political fealty to the Pakatan Harapan administration.
She said in anxiousness to prove his fealty, Fawad's words don't match the contradictions in his head and ends up being clumsy by not making any sense at all.
Some rabbis will go further and in fact forbid any action that involves expressions of faith or fealty to God.
The Islamic State released a video featuring 5 young men from Tajikistan swear fealty to the terrorist grouping, SITE Intelligence Enterprise reports.
Critics describe the move a racially motivated campaign directed at Uyghurs, who are being forced to pledge fealty to the Chinese state, study Mandarin and participate in cultural customs of the majority Han Chinese population.
Where Pakistan turns a blind eye to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and continues to extend fealty to Saudi hegemony in the region despite its own problematic relationship with the elements of fundamentalism that are siphoned through with funding, it cannot do so without compromising its ties with other countries in the region.
He even said that some of these insurgents were now swearing fealty to Pakistan.
As this coolly elegant work makes clear, the definition of fealty may vary depending on whom you ask.
Among the topics are the expedition of Hudaybiyah, the incident involving the united clans and the Qurayzah clan, the story of the three who remained behind, the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem, the oath of fealty pledged to Abu Bakr, and the marriage of Fatimah.