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Synonyms for fazed

caused to show discomposure

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Neil was not fazed at all by the audience and is taking it all in his stride, although he's enjoying the extra attention from the girls.
Cumberland are top of the table but we are not fazed by that.
PORTSMOUTH manager TONY ADAMS is not fazed by the pressure which comes up with being a top-flight boss and said: "My life has hardly changed at all - and I'm still enjoying it.
RAIA claims not to be at all fazed by the new institution, well, club.
Under most circumstances, it would hardly have fazed an angry bear.
So far, this hasn't fazed supporters of religious programs in prison.
Audiences were not fazed, however, and as the RFH's raked seats offer everyone a good view of the stage, it was the ideal place for a family outing.
But a source close to organisers of the event in Leicester said: "She is a big act but a few people felt like showing their displeasure - she didn't seem fazed.
Other real estate groups, like the Real Estate Board of New York, seem less fazed by the proposed legislation.
Lacewings are not fazed by direct exposure to Bt, but they languish from indirect effects, say Angelica Hilbeck of the Swiss Federal Research Station in Zurich and her colleagues.
But that leeway hasn't fazed Parris since he started working with trade finance firms to of r credit to foreign buyers.
we won't be fazed overawed - we delighted with draw TOM TAIWO He added: "A lot of us have played in some big games.
PAUL Lambert insists he will not be fazed by returning to Norwich as he prepares to run the gauntlet of indifference in the Capital One Cup at Carrow Road tomorrow.
The indoor Aviva Series was great preparation ahead of the World Indoors and gave me the chance to compete at my best "There are some great runners in the field but I don't feel fazed by them at the moment, judging by the way I've been doing recently.