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Synonyms for fazed

caused to show discomposure

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"It's an opportunity for us and not one we should be fazed by or apprehensive about," Hughes said.
But other than that, the likes of the atmosphere and the fans, I'm not really fazed.
Melbourne, Jan 12 ( ANI ): Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that his parents weren't fazed by all the sex scenes that featured in his latest flick 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.
Two in three people (63%) who have mental health problems and told their partners about it have said that partners "weren't fazed" and were "really understanding."
STUART TIFFIN insists Northumberland are not fazed at the prospect of facing Minor Counties East leaders Cumberland at Jesmond tomorrow.
"He not only has exceptional ability, but you can also see for one so young, he is not fazed by anything and he is also very vocal.
"I don't care who's talking about me, I'm not fazed by it," he said.
Motahari told the Mehr news agency he wasn't fazed one bit.
"All the chats I have with him suggests he is one of those guys who isn't fazed by anything but it will get more difficult for him as the pressure mounts."
PORTSMOUTH manager TONY ADAMS is not fazed by the pressure which comes up with being a top-flight boss and said: "My life has hardly changed at all - and I'm still enjoying it."
None of this seems to have fazed Parsley's followers, and he continues to make inroads in Ohio politics and in religious circles nationally.
RAIA claims not to be at all fazed by the new institution, well, club.
Under most circumstances, it would hardly have fazed an angry bear.
Audiences were not fazed, however, and as the RFH's raked seats offer everyone a good view of the stage, it was the ideal place for a family outing.