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Synonyms for fax

duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio

send something via a facsimile machine

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said she regularly returns to work after the weekend to find the two fax machines overflowing with faxes - and out of paper from the load.
His clients include AlloyFax, "bringing the world of metals information to your fax machine," by Alloy Tech, Inc.
Speed is the first priority when choosing a fax modem, according to experts.
Laser fax machines selling for $2,000 and up offer the full range of fax features.
38 Fax over IP (FoIP) software works in both VoIP and PSTN network environments, with or without fax boards.
Microsoft is excited to be working with Venali to extend this value by offering customers a powerful, easy, more secure and seamless way to fax over the Internet directly from the Microsoft Office System.
Backward Compatibility: FaxPress Premier and FaxPress fax servers can work together on the same network by using the FaxPress Premier 3.
Flynn President 2156 Avon Industrial Drive Rochester Hills, MI 48309 (313) 853-0212 Fax (313) 853-2102
Intel(R) Dialogic(R) Fax Boards: FaxPress Premier Analog and FaxPress Premier Digital use Intel Dialogic fax modem boards inside the server platform.
Junk fax is becoming more than just a nuisance; it's a serious problem impacting both profits and productivity," said Ronald Gruia, analyst firm Frost & Sullivan's Program Leader for Enterprise Communications Solutions.
FaxCore, a leading provider of fax server solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its flagship product, FaxCore 4300, the industry's first fax solution built on Microsoft's .
With Venali Internet Fax functions integrated directly into Microsoft Office 2003, users now have the tools and benefits at their fingertips that they otherwise could not have with traditional fax solutions.
317-298-1995 Fax 317-388-4200 Email: info@calderontextiles.