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Synonyms for fawning

Synonyms for fawning

attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery

attempting to win favor by flattery

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Fawns of older mothers are generally larger at fawning and also at weaning (Bienioschek et al.
On Storfosna, average movement of home range centers between years was [less than]200 m during fawning time (Linnell 1994).
Although the Trans-Pecos region of Texas represents important habitat for pronghorn, little specific information is available on fawning habitat (Canon 1993).
Working throughout the range of the whitetail, I'm surprised by the small amount of fawning cover on the average property.
Because I deployed VITs over similar but varying dates due to variation in capture dates and fawning dates, I calculated the relative time of deployment for each premature Expelled or No Contact message as p Deploy time = (Message datetime-Deploy datetime)/(TempDropStart --Deploy datetime).
The fawning season of 2005 had higher retention of vaginal-implant transmitters.
Essentially, they'll keep the animals away from that forage, making them even weaker as they go into the spring fawning season.
Fawns could also be detected by chance when searching probable fawning areas.
In years where they trapped coyotes and bobcats the months before fawning season, fawn survival increased significantly.
Therefore, the variation in rut length can be seen by comparing fawning periods.
During this span, she'll return to the fawning area to feed her offspring three or four times over each 24-hour period.
But, many hunters don't realize there are two main periods for coyote consumption of deer: during fawning season and during hunting season.
What determines fawning success, and how does it play into our hunting prospects?
Thus, prior to the fawning season, the BBC's herd will be reduced to 800 deer and the QDC's herd will number 480 deer.