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Synonyms for fawning

Synonyms for fawning

attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery

attempting to win favor by flattery

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011), and significantly greater in the middle of the fawning season than at the beginning (F = 3.
The fawning ritual begins with the subordinate chimp greeting the dominant "alpha" male.
On Storfosna, average movement of home range centers between years was [less than]200 m during fawning time (Linnell 1994).
Although the Trans-Pecos region of Texas represents important habitat for pronghorn, little specific information is available on fawning habitat (Canon 1993).
The more concise the fawning period, the greater the potential for high recruitment: The sheer number of fawns dropped in a short time frame helps to overwhelm the predators.
Thus, team members could check or confirm the state of the transmitter in the field, and use the VHF signal to locate fawning and fawn mortality sites.
The fawning season of 2005 had higher retention of vaginal-implant transmitters.
A group of 2-6 people systematically searched potential fawning habitat (e.
We recommend that control efforts focus on known fawning grounds when coyotes are establishing breeding pairs and breeding territories in the late winter.
Length of the rut in fall determines the length of time for fawning in spring.
6-hectare enclosure until the end of the fawning season.
As the average age of the coyote population increases, they experience another year of hunting pressure through the fawning season," Randy says.
Fawns could also be detected by chance when searching probable fawning areas.
In years where they trapped coyotes and bobcats the months before fawning season, fawn survival increased significantly.
Therefore, the variation in rut length can be seen by comparing fawning periods.