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Synonyms for fawn-coloured

having the color of a fawn

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Next time you see footage of starving African tribes struggling to survive on the scorched savannah and you spot one tribesman sporting a fawn-coloured cardie with suede epaulets, it's mine and I want it back.
One was mahogany red-brown, another fawn-coloured and the third was dark-fawn coloured.
One of the conmen is described as being aged 45-50 and wearing a fawn-coloured trilby hat and fawn jacket.
Twin towers bookend a concave fawn-coloured three-storey grandstand overlooking a fountain-strewn parade ring, and there surely cannot be many palm trees left in the Caribbean, as they all seem to have been transported here.
He was wearing a fawn-coloured top with vertical stripes and a jacket.
The fawn-coloured stone Bambi and a 22-inch-tall lion made of grey reconstituted are worth about pounds 65.
The teenager was wearing a vertical striped shirt and fawn-coloured trousers.
A second was wearing a fawn-coloured hooded top with a white glove on one hand.
Q I have a ring of tiny fawn-coloured mushrooms on my lawn, and over the years it has grown quite large.
I bought my first car, a fawn-coloured VW Beetle, just before I passed my test.
In their fawn-coloured habits, with moccasins on their feet, the nuns, who rebounded from every adversity, won the hearts of the Metis and Indians they served.
The collarless, fawn-coloured outfit, lined with gold satin, had been expected to go for pounds 5,000.
He was last spotted wearing a fawn-coloured jumper, black tracksuit bottoms and blue runners.
He was wearing a cream shirt, a fawn-coloured sweater and jeans.