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Synonyms for fawn-colored

having the color of a fawn

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Jovic (1964) noticed that most of the observed eggs were fawn-colored (up to 43%), green-brown (about 24%) and brown (about 19%), followed by dark brown (up to 4%), white (5%), green blue (up to 4%) and very light green (up to 1%).
His face is smooth and brown like a polished seed, and he wears a fawn-colored tunic and pants."
Animal Control Officer Carol Gaucher said Ginger, a fawn-colored, 30-pound mixed breed dog, came to animal control after a sordid tale.
This gorgeous fawn-colored pit bull-type can scale fences, so his ideal home would be with someone who would give him plenty of on-leash exercise (unless you go to a fenced tennis court to throw the ball, which he loves).
Q I have a cat with a fawn-colored body, a little white on the chest, dark ears and tail, and blue eyes.
And since this kitchen belongs to a vacationing non-cook, the walls are impractically cloaked in a soft fawn-colored fabric.
There were all kinds of fawn-colored calves in the herd.
If all goes well, one day soon either Cuto or some of the other bears housed here may be searching the semi-desert scrub for native berries, or climbing the fawn-colored ramparts of Mount Chaparri in search of their very favorite food-the tender hearts of giant aerial bromeliad plants growing on the sheer rock faces.
In its short version, it is a two-part French poem that recounts the tale of Fauvel, a fawn-colored horse whose very name represents falsehood and is an acronym for other vices as well.
Fauvel, the story's protagonist, bears the name associated in French lore with the fawn-colored stallion, the symbol of cunning and duplicity.
He wore gaudy clothing - tweeds, fur coats with plaid mufflers, high collars, broad English hats, fawn-colored spats, etc.