favourable reception

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acceptance as satisfactory

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Cole has not always been popular with England fans, but Hodgson believes he deserves a favourable reception at Wembley this evening.
NBNK's Chairman, Lord Levene, is said to have given a favourable reception by the Gulf funds, according to a report in UK-based newspaper The Daily Telegraph.
While at a local level Buenos Aires has finally become a "hub of film experience" (178), at an international level both Marxist cultural studies and activist organizations have had a favourable reception. Some of the producers cited are the collectives Boedo Films, Cine Insurgente, and Movimiento Documentalista.
Encouraging Moffat to continue his research, Einstein added about the unsuccessful talk, "I can understand very well that your work has not found a favourable reception in Bohr's circle ...
Answering the Advisers' interventions on the draft law empowering the President of the Republic to issue decree-laws, the Premier argued that the favourable reception made to the Tunisian Youth's Revolution at the regional and international scale dictate on all sides a great responsibility in carrying out the democratic transition.
The reactor uses an abundant mineral, cerium oxide, as the primary catalyst, which is another point for its favourable reception. It works by directing sunlight using a parabolic mirror into the reaction chamber to heat up the cerium oxide catalyst, which in turn releases oxygen atoms from its crystal lattice molecular structure.
Smaller companies, that can act flexibly, should receive a favourable reception for products which reduce the costs of gov-v ernment, or increases its revenue.
But O'Neill believes there will also be fans who remember the former England under-21 star's contribution affectionately and will give the pounds 3.5 million utility man a favourable reception.
Despite the criticism levelled at Pullman from some clergy his work has met with a favourable reception in other quarters.
Why does he think he finds such a favourable reception there?
Though a relatively smaller market, Bahraini consumers have exhibited favourable reception to the product, recording imports of 500mt in 2003 and 589mt in 2004.
I'm glad we have received such a favourable reception from the minister.
McGuinness made a submission to the council and, according to Noel Dillon of the Road Design Department, this looks like being given a favourable reception.
The early days are arguably the most interesting, as we see a number of often unacknowledged--and at times unwitting--catalysts at work helping to create a favourable reception for the movement.