favourable position

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the quality of being at a competitive advantage

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The win against Sunderland has put us in a favourable position.
Admittedly, occupiers intent on relocating to new space currently remain in a favourable position.
He'd played left-back but it's ironic that we bring a left-back in Mo Camara in and it's when we move Steven into his more favourable position he picks up this injury.
The Pole had a frustrating time in qualifying yesterday and did not complete a lap in the final section of the hour having comfortably made it into the top-ten shootout, but at least that should put him in a favourable position strategy wise.
Be content, Mr Quinn, with your favourable position in life, but reflect on your pay and employment conditions, think about how these were hard fought for and won, and consider how quickly they could be stripped from you if you lost the power of collective bargaining.
Lithuania appears, however, to be in a relatively favourable position with regard to the long-term sustainability of its public finances.
Mr Hain said, 'Wales finds itself in this favourable position because of the hard-won financial stability which Government policies have achieved in recent years.
Saipem's favourable position in the Italian market combined with Golar's mature LNG experience and availability of tonnage creates a strong partnership," Stohle added.
In particular, it is argued that such talk continues to reproduce inequality through stereotypical presentations of men and women (even when those very discourses are criticised by the men) and precludes change of the present status quo through claims that women are already in a favourable position in terms of edu cation and employment.
This order is strategically critical, putting us in a new, highly favourable position for the future in the enormous market for transponder systems for air traffic," said Dick Ollas, president of Sectra Wireless Technologies AB.
37 all out CLEVELAND Under-13s slumped to their fourth defeat on the bounce when they went down by 92 runs to Durham at Middlesbrough CC despite putting themselves in a seemingly favourable position.
The win against Sunderland last Saturday has put us in a favourable position.
We've got two points and goal difference in our favour so we go into the last game in a favourable position.
Hizkiyahu also added that lenders in the country are in a more favourable position than many of their peers worldwide.