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a United States politician favored mainly in his or her home state

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For Pangilinan's 73rd birthday, Smart Sports and the local community of Barangay San Juan refurbished the Plaza San Juan basketball court in honor of their favorite son.
There are good reasons why SUNY-at-Buffalo changed its name to The University of Buffalo; why Trenton State co-opted Princeton's former appellation to become The College of New Jersey; and why Northeast Missouri State renamed itself Truman State University after the state's favorite son. Even private institutions go this route: Venerable Western Maryland College is now McDaniel College.
When Christopher Reeve first put on Superman's cape in 1978 there had already been a dozen films about the man of steel, and by the time Tom Welling stepped into the role of the boy from Smallville in 2001 there had been six TV series about Krypton's favorite son.
It was incredible - a farewell to a favorite son - right-fielder Paul O'Neill.
Although he was the third son of King John I of Portugal and Queen Philippa, the daughter of John of Gaunt, Henry was the king's favorite son. From the moment that he won his spurs at age twenty-one with the conquest of the Moorish North African Fort of Ceuta in 1415, Henry seemed to live a charmed life.
Third and favorite son of David, king of Israel and Judah.
She is expelled from the church but is readmitted after her confidence has been shaken by the death of her favorite son and by a vision of Christ's suffering.
Thunder Bay's fame has also grown with the success of favorite son Steve Collins in ski jumping.
Annals of the Big Time: Although it will not reach bookstores for another month, Favorite Son, a novel by Steve Sohmer, can be already described as a best-seller, and an instructive one at that.
The youngest son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, he was nicknamed " Lackland, " because he had not shared in the division of Henry's territory; he was probably Henry's favorite son, however, and his subsequent rebellion against his father broke the old king's heart.
"Prince Andrew is obviously the Queen's favorite son. He was heroic during the Falklands War-she clearly has a soft spot for him," he said.
In a Facebook post, Baste said he really loved being his father's favorite son.
"Favorite Son": You are an antenna finely tuned/A fisherman/whose hook is baited/To capture the flame of an evening smile/You are a chisel sharply honed/To excavate a dream of love/Etched in the heart/You are a touchstone/To you the magic of silence speaks.