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  • adj

Synonyms for favored

given special, usually doting treatment

being a favorite

Synonyms for favored

preferred above all others and treated with partiality

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Lancaster voters also favored Brown over Warren, 2,216-1,491.
Belmonte was also the favored candidate in a survey commissioned by Publicus Asia in November 2018.
Gun Registry Divides Gun Owners, Favored by Most Others
In Sindh, 25% favored PPP, 10% PML-N, 7% favored MQM & PML-F each while 5% favored PTI.
Predictably, Democrats were more likely to favor government-run programs, the survey said, but even among that group, 46 percent favored the private sector while only 37 percent favored government programs.
Other recent developments in welding flame lawsuits have favored plaintiffs as well, such as In re Welding Fume Products Liability Litigation.
In general, 55% of parents favored parental notification, and 28% considered it a bad idea.
The university's Media and Research Group released a survey in mid December, showing that 44 percent of respondents favored some restrictions on American Muslims' civil liberties.
Ever since the invention of matchlocks, large caliber handguns have always been favored by most handgunners.
Founded by Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic-Republican Party favored a weak central government and strong state governments.
Beside the 81 percent supporting consolidating of the three exhibitions, 77 percent supported the consolidation of WasteCon and APWA; 62 percent favored an every other year show for WasteExpo; 57 percent supported Las Vegas as the permanent home for WasteExpo; and 70 percent backed an annual show if all three were consolidated, with only 27 percent favoring an off year.
Sixty-eight percent favored discussion, 24 percent did not, 8 percent were unsure.
A national system also enforces the notion of extended producer responsibility, favored by many environmentalists but not most manufacturers.
Widowed persons mostly favored their children; unmarried persons favored relatives.