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showing approval

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Joshua reported favorably, and the children of Israel journeyed on, with Moses at the head of the general government, and Joshua in command of the army of six hundred thousand fighting men.
Canada retained its top position in Gallup's annual country ratings, with 90% of Americans viewing it favorably. Iran ranks last with 10%.
As nations throughout the Middle East undergo tumultuous change, perhaps making the region more politically unstable, Americans still appear to see Israel as important, with large majorities viewing it favorably and many more giving their sympathies to the Israelis than to the Palestinians.
A negotiated amendment to the Municipal Services Law (or "Condo Services Act") was favorably voted on Nov.
-- Americans still rate the Republican Party less favorably than the Democratic Party, 39% vs.
"Instead, we have a 'pricing crunch' where real estate is being re-valued and re-priced across the board to compete favorably with other investment categories in order to attract capital.
As a result of the changes, both Cheney and Pelosi are now positioned as highly polarizing figures on the political landscape; both are viewed favorably by the large majority of their own party members, and unfavorably by most members of the opposing party.
While the percentage saying Obama is viewed favorably has declined among all groups, it is down only slightly among Democrats, but more steeply among independents and Republicans.
Nearly two-thirds of Americans - 64% - view Israel favorably. However, just 41% view Israel's government favorably, compared to 51% who view the government unfavorably.
Bernie Sanders is still viewed favorably by a small majority of U.S.
GE's $53.9 million in unrestricted cash and investments translates into 505 days cash on hand (DCOH), 75.2% cash to debt, and 9.1x cushion ratio, which all are stronger than favorably to Fitch's 'BBB' category medians of 396, 61.5%, and 8x, respectively.
Read: (http://www.ibtimes.com/most-popular-religions-america-jews-viewed-most-favorably-muslims-least-favorable-2492711) Jews Viewed Most Favorably Among Americans, Muslims Viewed Least Favorably
consumer sentiment rose a bit in early December as consumers evaluated current economic conditions more favorably, the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan index of consumer sentiment showed Friday.