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showing approval

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Joshua reported favorably, and the children of Israel journeyed on, with Moses at the head of the general government, and Joshua in command of the army of six hundred thousand fighting men.
Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to view Russia favorably.
Americans also have a more positive view of business corporations than they did two years ago - now 56 percent of Americans view corporations favorably, up eight percentage points from March 2015.
consumer sentiment rose a bit in early December as consumers evaluated current economic conditions more favorably, the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan index of consumer sentiment showed Friday.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A mere 28% of Americans currently view the Republican Party favorably, down a full ten points from 38% in just a month according to a new Gallup poll.
According to that June 2013 UT/TT Poll, 56 percent of Tea Party Republicans viewed Cornyn favorably.
Four years ago at this time during the election time, President Barack Obama was seen favorably by 63 percent of Americans that is now down to 53 percent.
Summary: Cairo, Rabi&' Al-Awwal 09, 1432, Feb 12, 2011, SPA -- The Egyptian Television appealed today to citizens nationwide to respond favorably to the efforts of the Ministry of Interior to seize fleeing elements who possess weapons that can be used in criminal acts.
56 Percent of registered voters surveyed who say that they view Republican candidate John McCain favorably (as of September 11, 2008).
Seniors are now almost twice as likely to say they view the benefit unfavorably (45 percent) as favorably (23 percent).
706(b) majority or principal partner rules, a fiscal-year individual may be able to favorably influence the required tax years of a partnership in which he is an owner.
844), the average number of days from the time the nomination was favorably reported to the date of confirmation for the appeals nominees should have read 42.
In fact, on the issue of quality and reliability you are mentioned favorably 17 percent more frequently.