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the quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome

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The four items assessing perceived favorableness of the privacy policy were also combined (standardized [alpha] = .
at 799 (listing some of the words courts have used to define "constitutionally required" evidence, and applying some of the same words--such as "vital" and "critical"--to define favorableness of the evidence to the defense).
Mossin (1968) and Smith (1968) show that actuarial favorableness (unfairness) has a positive (negative) effect on insurance coverage.
There was, however, a significant two-way interaction between outcome favorableness and decision-maker location on distributive fairness perceptions.
The favorableness which goes with task-structure as in this study finding demands that education, job expectation and degree of task involvement be well defined and understood by everyone to encourage commitment to duty.
The favorableness of the offender's reputation may either enhance the apology expressed, thus leading to even lesser punishment, or it could undermine the apology expressed, thus not leading to less punishment.
Attitudes toward marriage were measured with Hill's (1951) Favorableness of Attitudes toward Marriage Scale (FAMS).
courts have used a low threshold for adequacy, clarifying that favorableness and adequacy are distinct concepts.
A judgment of fairness here is not dependent solely on the favorableness of the outcome, but also on an evaluation of how the outcome came about.
The four items used for the favorableness measure reflected consumer perceptions that the Web site "compared to other organizations with an online presence" was serious about consumer privacy, dedicated to protecting consumer privacy, would treat consumers fairly, and would not violate consumer privacy.
In support of Mandler's hypothesis, Meyers-Levy and Tybout (1989) find that varying levels of incongruity between the product features and the consumers' schema regarding that product impacts the favorableness of their evaluations regarding the product.
First, given the established research design, are analysts biased because of banking ties, strategic bias, or do managers select banks according to the favorableness of their analysts' research, selection bias?
The authors noted, "Contrary to expectation, there was substantial congruence in the degree of uniformity and favorableness of the stereotypic traits associated with blacks and whites, with participants revealing both strong positive and strong negative trait associations" (p.
Job satisfaction can be defined as "the favorableness or unfavorableness with which employees view their work (Castle, 2006).
Some of the tools for detecting bull include a favorableness grid and a bias map that allows readers to plot all three variables.