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the quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome

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Hypothesis 3: Employees' change favorableness will be positively related to their championing for change.
Two particular sources that were not significant predictors of referee self-efficacy were social support and situational favorableness. This may be the result of the items used to assess these factors.
Traits like long length of life, late maturity, low fecundity, low rate of increase, and favorableness of pseudovivipary (analogous to parthenogenesis for animals) are related to harsh environments (Braby, 2002).
First, we classify Buy Initiations into two groups, Strong Buy and Buy groups, and examine the interaction among the favorableness of initiations, target price ratios (77?), and abnormal returns around the announcement day (A[R.sub.0]).
Based on the theory of planned behavior (TPB), attitude refers to a person's overall evaluation of the behavior of either the favorableness or the unfavorableness towards performing a behavior [16,17].
Other performed investigations indicate that attendance of municipalities in the area of sport and recreational services, citizen hasn't necessary favorableness. In the investigation that performed by Mohammad Taghi Rahnamayi and Leila Aghayi in the relate of municipalities role in developing sport spaces for Tehran citizen leisure times, the results showed that citizen complain from problems such as being inadequate and non-standard of sport spaces, inappropriate servicing of sport spaces from the viewpoint of schedule, non-specialty of coaches on that centrals, limitations of sport fields for women and handicapped (M.RAHNEMAEI, 2009).
* attitudes are evaluative and can be presented on some continuum of favorableness
A contingency model exploring the relationship of chief executive entrepreneurial: Traits and structural favorableness as predictor, Unpublished dissertation, UMI Dissertations Services.
ISLAMABAD -- Former Foreign Secretary Tanveer Ahmed has said Indo-Pak relations are progressing forward with favorableness to further negotiations between the two important countries of South Asia.
The favorableness of coverage was evaluated as positive, neutral and negative range, rated from 1 (positive), 0(neutral) to -1 (negative).
Job satisfaction represents a tabulation of the favorableness of various aspects of the job (Shore and Tetrick 1994), or of specific tangible aspects of the work environment (Mowday, Porter and Steers 1982).
In this study, attitude reflects a student's feelings of favorableness or unfavorableness towards using TPC.
54) suggested a person's attitude toward performing a behavior is simply the person's general feeling of favorableness or unfavorableness toward that concept.