favorable reception

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acceptance as satisfactory

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The company, in a statement to the media, has noted that "due to the favorable reception of the investment community, the issue was oversubscribed.
Worcester school officials this month released a series of reports on the city's struggling Level 4 schools, and gave the assessments a favorable reception.
Having stuck with this approach throughout, he is now receiving a more and more favorable reception and here uses his expertise to deliver a thorough implementation guide.
Among major drug chains, Walgreens is the retailer that most aggressively pursues positive stories, a pursuit that gained the company an enormously favorable reception from the consumer press after the unveiling of its flagship store at 40 Wall St.
TIMOTHY NOAH: It got a tremendously favorable reception, which was gratifying, because when I told people I was working on it I tended to get this slightly condescending, "Oh, good for you
In a similar vein, Peters informs his readers that Conrad's works were not financially successful despite the reviewers' overall favorable reception, but does not impart to them the reasons of Conrad's lack of popularity.
But his favorable reception surely didn't hurt his chances with the only man whose vote really counted: President Obama.
Midas announced the continuance of their sales festival at Midas showrooms until March 31, and which has witnessed favorable reception from the public so far.
The favorable reception of his book in London encouraged him to believe that his proselytizing had not been in vain and he traveled to the British capital conference hopeful of being able to press home his case for the restriction of Jewish immigration and the establishment of an independent Arab Palestine.
The favorable reception of the book by Isaac Newton proved decisive at that time for its survival and long recognition.
Vallance's favorable reception at last year's Basel Art Fair was only the latest sign of the cultlike favor he has found in Europe.
Favorable reception to new machinery introductions with advanced features and benefits including robotics, servo technology, faster speeds, greater packaging precision, easy packaging line integration, touch screen user controls and smaller footprints.
Based on the favorable reception and the demand from those guys out east who wanted a shorter bow, we came out with the 31 this year," said Doug Hutchison, Director of Operations.
And, says RxHub, because more than 30 percent of consumers report having experienced a preventable medical error, messages to patients about e-prescribing should meet with a favorable reception.