favorable reception

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acceptance as satisfactory

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NDC founded in 1998, as a pioneer manufacturer of Hot Melt Application Systems in Asia, NDC has won favorable reception &om customers for high quality, good service, strong manufacture capabilities and strict management system.
He pointed to the dynamics created by this initiative on the climate of relations between the different protagonists of the Libyan crisis and its favorable reception by the international spheres.
The new effort has received a favorable reception from Madison County supervisors but backers have had little to report the past 12 months in the way of progress on locations and private-sector partners for the project.
After having resigned as chair of PhilWeb and after having made several offers to Pagcor - all of which had been either rejected or ignored - Ongpin said it became obvious to him that while he remained a shareholder of PhilWeb, there's no chance that PhilWeb would be allowed any favorable reception on any proposal to Pagcor.
"Cincinnati ReSM, our reinsurance assumed division, has also enjoyed a favorable reception. While keeping our eye on profitability, Cincinnati Re contributed 2 percent of the total net written premiums for the quarter.
Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC's client roster has been the beneficiary of Mr Noda's fee-reduction program introduced earlier this year to favorable reception from both institutional and private clients.
"We are pleased with the favorable reception to Warburg Pincus XII," said Charles R.
2015 in the hope of a more favorable reception by its new lineup.
The company, in a statement to the media, has noted that "due to the favorable reception of the investment community, the issue was oversubscribed."
Worcester school officials this month released a series of reports on the city's struggling Level 4 schools, and gave the assessments a favorable reception. Parents and taxpayers might want to hold their applause.
Character actor and MANAA president Aki Aleong believes the film's favorable reception in China is due to the country's acceptance of Western ideas.
Having stuck with this approach throughout, he is now receiving a more and more favorable reception and here uses his expertise to deliver a thorough implementation guide.
Among major drug chains, Walgreens is the retailer that most aggressively pursues positive stories, a pursuit that gained the company an enormously favorable reception from the consumer press after the unveiling of its flagship store at 40 Wall St.
TIMOTHY NOAH: It got a tremendously favorable reception, which was gratifying, because when I told people I was working on it I tended to get this slightly condescending, "Oh, good for you!"
Additionally, build the proposal into the annual budget cycle early on to maximize the odds of a full hearing and favorable reception.