favorable position

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the quality of being at a competitive advantage

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Although Fitch views the revenue bonds as having a favorable position compared to Delta's unsecured issuances, the value of the collateral is difficult to ascertain, particularly during the construction phase of this project, and Fitch does not consider the benefit of the collateral to be sufficient to warrant a rating above its unsecured rating.
Erol Rizaov in an Nezavisen vesnik recalls that for the first time in a stagnant decade, Macedonia is in a favorable position to make a historic step forward, in the New Year 2018.
'I fought real hard to get into a favorable position,' said the Davao City-based submission specialist.
The relationship that has evolved with these banks puts NDC in a favorable position to sell complementary products to help banks meet market and regulatory requirements.
This arrangement, coupled with favorable licensing deals for its own patents and other "monopolistic practices" put Qualcomm in a pretty favorable position in China.
During the meeting, the Iranian vice-president pointed to the status quo in Iran-Vietnam relations, and said, "I hope that Vietnam could make an utmost use of its favorable position in the eyes of the Iranian government and nation to further broaden the bilateral relations."
"He usually doesn't jump quickly from the gate so he will get the favorable position from the number two (draw)," he said.
aILFCas favorable position with its 787 inventory and early delivery dates has allowed us to work with our customers in assisting them to move sooner and faster into the next generation of aircraft," said ILFC Chief Executive Officer Henri Courpron.
"From now on, Armenia may affect solutions of the Customs Union member-states and reach favorable position, as the
"The acquisition of U Save is a strategic move that will further strengthen our statewide presence and puts us in a favorable position to grow our business and increase the distribution of our comprehensive line of essential equipment."
"The spokesman added that the infusion of capital through outside investment is a normal course of activity for privately owned companies, and also said that BDP is in the most favorable position in its 45-year history, outperforming its industry and financial markets over much of the past decade.
Nevertheless, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance's focus on achieving underwriting profitability and competitive cost structure places it in a favorable position to compete in the challenging environment.
Rabat - Morocco reaffirmed his favorable position to join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Communications Minister, Spokesman of the Government, Khalid Naciri, said Thursday.
The company intends to gain a favorable position among the major players in the industry by offering a performing maintenance service supported by an ongoing training of the technical teams.
Rising oil prices could threaten the favorable position of the country's consumers.