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a member of a group of French painters who followed fauvism


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Plastic expressionism is the abysmal labour of the sensitive, placed through successive sublimation (the sublimation itself being the sign of this deep labour) from the very poetic fauvist of the pure sensation.
In the foreground, with an austere expressionist rendering and Fauvist resonances, we can see the three nuclear members of the family (Mousourou, 1993), the father higher up with his face covered by a mask, the mother whose dimensions are wider, and the child with slightly brighter colors, and in the background, in the same triangle, two figures on the right and four figures on the left, equally expressionistic.
Inside one of the dark wood rectangles is another portrait of the widow, in the Fauvist style this time, painted in profile.
Like Cappuccio, she pays attention to Mansfield's association with the journal Rhythm, and is interested in particular in the Fauvist influence on the literature and art of the journal, in relation to the child's vision that is important to so many of the stories, 'The Woman at the Store' among others.
work a remarkably experimental, almost fauvist aspect.
Using Fauvist colour themes rather than expensive special effects show budget constraints can sometimes prove a good thing.
Regarding his artistic style while drawing pictures, I would argue that the minister is a fauvist and that he prefers to paint with warm and cute colors without bothering to use shading for detail.
To solve this problem, Haiyan Tan, He Tian, and a team from the University of Antwerp examined samples from a 100-year-old tube of oil paint from the estate of the Flemish Fauvist painter Rik Wouters.
Enlivened by Gauguin's Fauvist palette but nevertheless placed within a meditative pastoral setting, this crucifixion brings to the surface the question of the persistence of faith in the dawning of an industrialized and scientific age.
Bas-reliefs, mixed-media works and fauvist paintings come together to create a panorama of 19th-century European cultural production.
School of Art, who introduced the study of post-Impressionist and Fauvist paintings into the curriculum.
The burst of fauvist color, themes of eroticism, and blockbuster collaborations woke audiences up to the allure of ballet.
I was especially pleased to learn more about such figures as Anne Estelle Rice (the American Fauvist who executed the illustrations for Lawrence's Bay--a fact that Binckes doesn't mention) and Harold Monro (of the Poetry Bookshop).