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The bird fauna was observed by using Binocular (12X 50X) and identified with the help of available keys (Ali and Ripley, 1983; Roberts, 1991).
CITES is an international agreement between Governments which aims to ensure that trade of wild fauna and flora does not threaten their survival, and the State Parties to the Convention meets as Conference of the Parties (CoP), every 3 years to adopt consensus measures for sustainable trade of wild fauna and flora.
The Mianwali Formation with a rich Ammonite fauna has been dated from middle Griesbachian to late Spathian.
barbaricus was one of the largest abelisaurids, and together with other characteristics of the species, supports the "hypothesis that the fragmentation of Gondwana led to the evolution of endemic dinosaur faunas during the Late Cretaceous," according to the study.
Climate Change Ministry's Deputy Director, Mohammad Saleem, told media that since 1976 Pakistan is signatory to the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which is an international agreement between governments.
The Animal Party has called on the government to withdraw the bill altogether as they are also concerned that proposed bill gives the game and fauna service and the police the authority to issue fines to hunters breaking the law.
Andrew Murray, Southern Ark Operations Manager, DELWP: The Southern Ark Project: reviving the mammal fauna of Far East Gippsland.
O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a diversidade da comunidade da fauna do solo epigea em uma vocoroca revegetada no ano de 2000, com diferentes especies de leguminosas arboreas, ao longo do processo de sucessao ecologica em coletas realizadas no ano de 2000, 2006 e 2008.
Fauna was started in 2011 in Mexicali and is distributed in major markets across Mexico.
Para captar o conhecimento local da familia agricultora foi realizada uma entrevista aberta, semiestruturada e em linguagem adequada, utilizando gravador digital, com todos os membros da familia ao mesmo tempo (7 pessoas), utilizando os seguintes questionamentos: que organismos da fauna edafica voce conhece?
The purpose of this paper is to briefly describe, discuss and establish the age of a new conodont fauna that has recently been recovered from the Vaux Limestone ('Calcaire des Vaux') in southern Normandy, northern France.
John Scanlon, Secretary-General, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) said: "We need political momentum.
Under the fauna of Tamil Nadu, Prabakaran (2009) reported 47 species under 32 genera and 5 families.
Now a new exhibition has launched in Mirfield called Chatting with the Fauna.
Contributors offer information on geological substrates, humus development, revegetation, biological soil crusts, influence of residual lignite on soil properties and development, plant production and soil chemistry, development of microflora, microfungi, plant-microrrizhal fungi interactions, recolonization of sites by soil microflora, macro-, and meso-fauna, and several contributions on the interaction of soil and soil fauna, and soil fauna and plants.