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ancient Italian deity in human shape, with horns, pointed ears and a goat's tail

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At this point, the narrator realizes that Midgleston is talking about a faun, and Midgleston notes that "the Bible says that them little men were myths.
The last moments of the ballet when the faun lies suggestively face down on the veil were hugely evocative reminding us that this particular aspect of danced fetishism closed the show to boos and shrieks of outrage when it first happened.
3) of romance writing, however, Miriam's dangling historical roots seem a tangle of beauty, mystery, and secrecy, provoking early reviewers and modern scholars of The Marble Faun to wonder about what strange, exotic gardens Hawthorne had been visiting.
The Marble Faun, she notes, was the pioneering "international novel." In works of this genre, Americans abroad (Hilda and Kenyon in this case) experience a moral and cultural encounter with the Old World.
The granting recognises the business' skills and expertise, and demonstrates that operations at their factory | Faun Trackway from Anglesey in Llangefni, meet the strict standards required by the industry.
Sculpture exerts a peculiar pull on fictional objects and characters, as evinced by the opening scene of The Marble Faun, in which the four friends are fixated by the titular Praxiteles figure that the initially mirthful and "simple" Italian Donatello uncannily evokes.
Mr Alun Jones was chief financial officer at parent company Faun Zoeller (UK).
I found Faun was easier to perform onstage than in the practice room.
By Mike Derderian With a broken arrow sticking out of its chest, the bleeding faun slowly reclined on the fig tree stump that was ancient as time.
9.Which mythological creature, also known as a faun, had the legs of a goat and the upper body of a human?
I am legion; the dancing faun. Humanoids, DC Comics.
That's sort of what McCarthy, the voice behind Oakland-based Appalachian/folk/goth duo Faun Fables, feels like--spooky, psychedelic, sexy, overpowering: a little bit Polish chanteuse Ewa Demarczyk and a little bit Renaissance Faire.
The Ballets Russes, the early-20th-century ballet troupe organized by Diaghilev and starring Nijinsky, was so daring that in 1913 audiences rioted at the premiere of Afternoon of a Faun.
One slightly abridged example of the type of link holding together the book's argument can be seen in the interpretation of Hofmannsthal's "Lehre." In this poem, a faun appears which "[m]ost obviously [...], almost inevitably suggests Mallarme's "L'Apres-midi d'un faune" (177).