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Synonyms for faultfinder

a person who finds fault, often severely and willfully

Synonyms for faultfinder

someone who is critical of the motives of others

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Your agreement will surprise and defuse faultfinders who are looking for an argument or who hope to elevate themselves by putting you down.
Based on the faultfinder maps, decide on what routes to use to go to your meet-up point and last destination.
The Phivolcs FaultFinder is a collaboration between Phivolcs and the Geological Survey of Japan.
Former commissioners Ms Maina, Ms Mwachanya and Dr Kurgat said in the joint resignation statement, "The commission boardroom has become a venue for peddling misinformation, grounds for brewing mistrust, and a space for scrambling for and chasing individual glory and credit."Despite all the criticisms from his former colleagues and political actors, much to the annoyance of faultfinders, Mr Chebukati has soldiered on, going past a potential minefield that was deliberately placed on his way by the resignations of three commissioners at once.
Faultfinders also note that municipal water is highly subsidized, while the capital cost of installing a rainwater system is high, thus discouraging adoption of RWH.
We need to remind all eager faultfinders that the history of the Islamic world knows a number of truly brilliant examples when the leader was "too young", "too quick" and/or "too radical" in offering changes.
Speaking against established bureaucracy is difficult and painful not only because faultfinders ("the opposition") are castigated for being disrespectful to the reigning symbols of authority, but also because the natural inclination of all members of the group is toward loyalty.
"No matter what the faultfinders say about the project designed to facilitate Chinese exploitation of our natural resources, we are proud and Cameroon will be proud of Kribi," says Eko Roosevelt, a local traditional ruler.
She acknowledges that celebrities like her will always have their share of faultfinders. "In my life I only listen to five people whom I trust: wife, mum, dad and two more people.
A pro-anorexia site (http://www.skinnygossip.com/kate-upton-is-well-marbled/) Skinny Gossip once condemned Kate's figure and even called her "little piggie," but the model stood up, remained strong, and didn't let her faultfinders took the best of her.
Further, as the faultfinders don their shirts, shoes and dresses made in Southeast Asia they attack Nike for utilizing overseas production facilities, presupposing that those foreign workers are all less better off because of it.
The roster has embraced almost everyone at one time or another--Presidents of the United States, Congress, the federal judiciary, and that most insatiable of faultfinders, the press.
The cynics and the faultfinders will tell you that the No 9 is just another shirt and it doesn't really matter who wears it.
"I want to take aim at the curmudgeons and faultfinders who hold forth on the impossibility of renewables.
Yet, how can an aggressive, action-oriented attitude be encouraged when the government faultfinders often seek to "chop off" heads that stick out too far?