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"We enjoyed working with the Staffordshire group and making our own contribution to its ongoing work at this reserve, located close to our Fauld Mine site."
The first song, Patie's 'The Wawking of the Fauld' is presented as simply as possible, whereas the carefully composed opening section of Patie and Peggy's duet at the end of Act 2 has precisely notated rhythmic detail in the vocal line, and a self-consciously elegant bass.
Garry Faulds is not even three years into a six-year term for a sickening crime in which he a threatened a 53-year-old man with a blowtorch after taping him up.
The 15-year-old trainee electrician had been killed during the accidental explosion at RAF Fauld in 1944, which claimed 90 lives.
The victory leaves Gary Fauld's side six points ahead of Bellshill with a game in hand and the Larkhall boss was delighted with his players.
Top consignment averages: Agars Hill (2) PS2540, Demesne (5) PS1598, Kilnstown Farm (2) PS1220, The Guards (2) PS1215, Flimby Hall (2) PS1210, The Fauld (2) PS1185, Lairdlaugh (6) PS1158, Harrot Hill (6) PS1142, Cracrop (11) PS1135, Walton Woodhead (8) PS1111.
Fauld The dad of four, from Fauldhouse, West Lothian, said: "I'm going to struggle to get another job." Mum-of-two Donna McKnight, also from Fauldhouse, said: "You are leaving behind people you have worked with for years.
The Newton family, owners of The Cliffe for about 100 years, were local entrepreneurs whose business interests included the local gypsum mine in nearby Fauld.
Heifers: Limousin PS480, PS410 Mouswald Banks, PS365 Skiddaw View Cottage, PS320, PS300 Becklees Farm, PS285 Bolton Lodge, PS282, PS260 Askham Hall Farm, PS278 Millsidebridge, PS275 Mouswald Banks, PS262, PS245 Burtholme Farm, PS235 Beckstones, British Blue PS430, PS410 Smalmstown Farm, PS410, PS370, PS360 Rosewain Farm, PS395, PS370, PS320, PS320 Pelutho Grange, PS380, PS332, PS325 Greigsland, PS348 High Plains, PS345 Longbridgemuir Farm, PS320 Berrier Head, Aberdeen Angus PS320 (x2) Smalmstown Farm, PS318 PS275 (x2), PS270 East Farm, PS282 High Plains, PS275 (x2), PSPS245, PS238 Fauld Farm, Simmental PS305 West House Farm, Hereford PS185 Hill House, Fleckvieh PS180 Netherhirst Montbelairde PS130 Hill House, Brown Swiss PS140 Smalmstown Farm.
The house dates back to the 1850s and for about 100 years was owned by the influential Newton family, owners of the nearby gypsum mine in Fauld.
ANDY CUNNINGHAM is convinced Fauld house are on the up after their 1-1 draw at Carnoustie.
GARY FAULD Sreckons his Arthurlie side's obsession with the Scottish Cup could wreck their chances of landing some silverware this season.
Leading prices: Bulls: Limousin PS1200, PS1180, PS1110 3 Sewell Common, British Blue PS660 (x2) Tempest Tower, PS655 (x5) Glebelands, Friesian PS480 High House, PS480 Pelutho Park Steers: Charolais PS1080 Glenlea, PS940 Low Fauld, Limousin PS1040 (x2) The Ash, PS960 (x5) Wall End Farm, PS900 Laversdale Farm, PS890 Nether Place, PS880 Burthwaite PS870 Skiddaw View Cottage, British Blue PS1000, PS980 (x2), PS970, PS890 Skiddaw View Cottage, PS865 (x2) Low Fauld, Simmental PS895 Swinsty Farm, Aberdeen Angus PS890 Nether Place, PS800 High Rigg, Welsh Black PS690 Moor Farm, Montbelairde PS680 Low Fauld, Hereford PS660 (x2) Swinsty Farm, Holstein Friesian PS640 Edenbanks, PS640, PS570 (x5), PS540 (x5), Friesian PS510 (x5) Hunley Farm, Dexter PS270 (x2) Cold Harbour Farm.
BOXING: Fauld house southpaw Colin McNeil won the Scottish professional light-middleweight title at Glasgow's Thistle Hotel last night when he stopped reigning champion Barrie Lee, of Arbroath, in two minutes and 22 seconds of the second round.
The treasure, which was valued at pounds 4,700, was found by a husband and wife in Fauld, Staffordshire.