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Synonyms for fatuously

vacuously or complacently and unconsciously foolish


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Even assuming for the sake of argument that Enrile was just sitting or drinking coffee or smiling fatuously, his mere presence is sufficient to convince the court to a moral certainty that he was the mastermind pulling the strings of Reyes, so that they could profit from the illicit scam," Santiago said.
The day before the ousted President Muhammad Mursi appeared on the front page of the Egyptian Arabic daily Al-Masry Al-Youm in a white prison jumpsuit grinning fatuously, the MB-led Pro-Mursi Alliance has proposed "serious dialogue" toward ending the crisis based on these core premises: An end to the military takeover, constitutional legitimacy, retribution for those who've lost their lives, the return to air of Brotherhood satellite channels -- and the right to peaceful protest.
Impelled perhaps by a sense of racial or national guilt, I heard myself say to him one day, rather fatuously, I'm afraid, "What do you think are the most valuable things the white men have brought to the North?
THERE have never been more gyms and health centres or people fatuously describing themselves as personal trainers.
Since the Swanson liaison is too notorious to elide, our biographer swings back and forth between forgiving boilerplate--"There was no one quite like her"--and fatuously Kennedy-channeling contempt: "The inescapable truth was that for Joseph R Kennedy, Swanson was another sexual conquest, one of many he would fit into his busy life.
In effect, Berger's reading of Macbeth makes it a history play--an exploration of how powerful men compete ambiguously and, for the most part, fatuously to acquire and maintain their power.
And yet, whatever we may say about Gulliver at the present moment in the story, he is anything but fatuously complacent.
fatuously this year are The 1 percent either those people who can more money on a regular basis than the "other 99 percent" or those people wealth is in the top 1 percent of the population, said to be a firming minority with more and concentration of greenbacks.
wholly fat (Folly, Age of Reason fatuously "overgrown" what?
The force most detrimental to Iowa pheasants is a political economy in which corn ethanol is fatuously deemed a good idea.
Ever since that day in Ellen's kitchen where I'd read about Don Quixote fatuously lancing a windmill he mistook for a three-armed giant, I had stayed at her place, avoiding the windy disaster of my own home.
For months, this debate has been stuck in a kind of stasis in which Labour endlessly and increasingly fatuously calls on the Government to adopt a 'Plan B' while the Government equally stubbornly insists it must stick to its course.
His whole effect should be one of artificiality, and he should smile fatuously the entire time he is on stage, even when he speaks.
The EPA fatuously declared that the drilling endeavor would potentially harm a small segment of the Alaskan population, which encompasses roughly one square mile and 245 Alaskan natives.
As these academics amusingly but fatuously pontificate on the significance of Stark's "ground-breaking" work in "The Belle of New Orleans," the final scene of that movie is screened behind them in all its grotesque glory.