fatty tissue

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a kind of body tissue containing stored fat that serves as a source of energy

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5) Significant fatty tissue in thyroid tissue is a rare occurrence.
Understanding why a modest amount of excess fatty tissue has a more favorable impact on women may reveal new treatment opportunities in advanced heart failure and help us know how to counsel heart-failure patients regarding weight management," she says.
The amount of this fatty tissue varies from singer to singer.
One of our concerns was PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and dioxins, which collect in ocular tissue and fatty tissue," recalls Jeff Lyons, senior vice president of fresh foods.
AIMS: This study aims to analyze the effects of caffeine and siloxanetriol alginate caffeine on fatty tissue by histological evaluation.
Watching this movie is like being stuck in an elevator for 89 minutes with an attractive, chatty stranger who seems knowledgeable and interesting until she starts going on about the similarity between sugar and heroin, the "deadly combination" of aspartame and caffeine, and the food-borne toxins accumulating in your fatty tissue.
Histologically, the tumor was composed of bland, CD34-positive spindle cells with an abundant fibrous and myxoid stroma interspersed with mature fatty tissue.
In this section, the performance of the proposed method is validated through two examples: tumors embedded in fatty tissue and glandular tissue.
He said that the best source of adult stem cells is fatty tissue, adding that they can harvest excess fat and use that in a regenerative way.
But it could also be a lipoma - a tumour of fatty tissue that is often benign and does not need to be removed, but can sometimes grow and become uncomfortable.
These results indicate that Xanthigen may suppress fatty tissue build-up through multiple mechanisms and may have further explained applications for this dietary supplement in improving liver functions and managing obesity," said Vladimir Badmaev, MD, PhD, director of scientific and medical affairs for RL Thomas and Polinat.
In this study, the researchers changed the sequence of events for transgenically engineered mice by inducing inflammation via the enzyme IKKbeta in their fatty tissue before they were obese.
The Ultra- Z system represents a major advance over traditional liposuction and earlier generation UAL devices; Ultra- Z was designed to efficiently emulsify fatty tissue with minimal amount of energy, thereby achieving exceptional contour finesse while preserving the tissue matrix.
But a study of more than 6,000 middle-aged men suggested that a substance produced by fatty tissue may cause inflammation in the body, which could play a significant role in heart disease deaths alongside other more recognised 'direct' risk factors.
Aderma dermal pads have been formulated to mimic fatty tissue and are used to redistribute pressure while protecting and padding bony areas of the body.