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of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means

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Even though Stevie must have analyzed the connotations of love from all existing angles, nothing can possibly allay her distress, as she tries desperately to erase the fatidic day from her memory and marital history.
The good judge did not mince his words and was more concerned with the law, which protected American citizens and their constitutional rights against self-incrimination, rather than what happened that fatidic day.
Can he really divorce his leadership role in the Syrian-dominated system from those fatidic years during which he headed the most important security agency in the country?
Everyone had to pay a price they were not always able to negotiate themselves, having no way of foreseeing the long-term consequences of a genuinely fatidic pact.
This creation of repetitive patterns is an important strategy in Nabokov's Commentary to Onegin, with its multiple examples of the fatidic dates tying biographical information in with the translated text.
Consequently, it incorporates the fatidic pronouncements of an oracle that Rodrigo's kingdom will be utterly destroyed, the enraged father's appeal to the Moorish forces on the African littoral to invade the Iberian peninsula and avenge the outrage.
Our analysis of two of these early poems will reveal elements containing not merely a fatidic significance but what would appear to be actual causal power over the poet's fate.
The bungling hit-man of Pale Fire, Jakob Gradus, is another manifestation of Nabokov's interest in such fatidic figures.
David Koresh and his followers, guided by their own fatidic perspective, seemingly distinguished themselves from ordinary Bible-study groups by developing a propensity for violence.