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Synonyms for fathomable

capable of being readily understood

Synonyms for fathomable

(of depth) capable of being sounded or measured for depth

(of meaning) capable of being penetrated or comprehended

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Whether we like it or not climate change is a threat that can undermine us in fathomable ways.
The Urrak falls is a fathomable vacation spot for the people of Quetta and around.
Shaun Killa, talks about how we can create incredibly complex structures that weren't even fathomable a mere 30 years ago, with the help of BIM and other technological software.
His expression was fathomable nocuous and nocent-here was a man determined to go away full-handed.
Although it is fathomable why employees do not declare government affiliations, the law must be enforced.
Knowledge of the alarming amount of suicides that occur in rural America wasn't even fathomable unless you were from those areas.
Somehow the concept of local government is not fathomable despite the constitutional requirement.
Todays students will enter a workforce filled with jobs not yet fathomable, prompting students to identify problems they care about to provide their education with a purpose that goes beyond job training.
For no fathomable reason, the ruling put the seller in a life settlement transaction in a less favorable tax position than someone who surrendered a policy to the insurer -- but that's no longer the case!
Becquer's use of this extrapolation beyond the fathomable is both an admission of the insufficiency of words and an attempt to surmount that insufficiency.
Adding to the scarcely fathomable was Newbury's Betfred Wishing You A Very Happy New Year Handicap Hurdle.
The underlying message of "A Woman Overwhelmed" is that we all can choose to bask in the abundance of the Father as his unfathomable depths can surely replace our fathomable messes.
In other words, when a soldier enters the military profession he not only agrees possibly to expose himself to scenarios that are potentially physically risky, but he also agrees potentially to place himself in some of the most morally risky decision-making contexts fathomable. (9) In so doing, such persons agree possibly to be placed in situations where incurring "moral residue" or "dirty hands" is likely, if not inevitable.
Thus their pledge of sacred honor is easily fathomable.
It is not quite fathomable that an actress of Mahira's top standing could do this ad.