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Synonyms for fathomable

capable of being readily understood

Synonyms for fathomable

(of depth) capable of being sounded or measured for depth

(of meaning) capable of being penetrated or comprehended

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Therefore, the forecaster needs to make the numbers more fathomable.
This is only fathomable as Traditional Literary Scots holds 'cultural capital' in Scottish schools, where it is considered as: 'True Scots .
Looking at the plethora of technology available to mining today, it doesn't seem fathomable that everyday work in the not-so-distant past was done with any kind of real accuracy and efficiency.
Combine that with what we do know of the author's captivating life--working on whaling ships, deserting in the Marquesas, writing a novel of hardly fathomable scope and ambition, living out his later years as a forgotten author--and you have plenty of inspiration for conjecture and inference.
It made the decision to play him alongside Mayer in the doubles, a rubber they were never favourites to win, even less fathomable.
Knowing that court is not a fathomable option, hence, allows parties and lawyers to envision possibilities in this way and create the best resolution for all involved.
Some fathomable can be the recruitment policy, the promotion policy, the auction and procurement policy, a whistle- blower policy or its absence, a code of conduct for internal and external stakeholders and a CSR policy which is transparent for the people to see into," said Ramnath Jha of TII.
Second-rate musicians covering third-rate songs for no fathomable benefit to humankind - or have BGT and the X Factor got that concept well and truly nailed?
The aggression that can rear its ugly head for no fathomable reason.
For no fathomable reason he kept on training, jogging for hours, crisscrossing the city.
Furthermore, the process should eventually boost concepts as regards quality and provide consumer with better guidance concerning competitiveness within national economy, building on fathomable and stronger scientific knowledge and know-how principles.
Perhaps it will never be fully known, let alone fathomable, by all who have the decency and conscience to value their fellow human beings.
When the blood of the other becomes a fathomable reality, fascism is born.
Each day, the Navy produces, collects, and disseminates more volume of information than is humanly fathomable.
The constellations, with their faraway mystery and yet fathomable predictability, were viewed as guiding lights and storytellers.