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of or relating to fatalism


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But they only I've already Frank Arnesen, some The fatalistic international eloquently Russia coach said: "There hanging "I h discussed Russian that don't to discussed it with the "Federation ?
Individuals who watch more TV have a more fatalistic view toward eating well and tend to think that nutrition is too difficult to understand.
Northup documents the relationship between television use and unhealthy food consumption in the study, “Understanding the Relationship Between Television Use and Unhealthy Eating: The Mediating Role of Fatalistic Views of Eating Well and Nutritional Knowledge.
I would say "carpe diem" sums up my life attitude, though not in the fatalistic sense of "memento mori," but more the taking of opportunities as they arise to live life to the full.
HOUSTON -- Barriers to early detection of colorectal cancer among underserved patients include limited access to care and fatalistic beliefs about a cancer diagnosis, Aimee James, Ph.
Though Middlemann spends a small portion of time denouncing "Openness of God" theology, he expends most of his book's space, ink and paper taking on what he calls "Calvinism," which he lumps in with a fatalistic and deterministic view of the happenings in the world.
The Germans were the most fatalistic of those questioned, with 86 per cent believing it was already too late to stop climate change totally altering our world.
Fatalistic beliefs about cancer prevention were negatively associated with exercising weekly, not smoking, and eating five or more fruits and vegetables daily, after controlling for sociodemographic characteristics.
Marilyn Heward Mills' Africa is a cauldron of contradictions: fatalistic but brimming with optimism; outwardly Christian, yet profoundly superstitious and reliant on fetish priests; poverty-stricken, but rich in pride and family values; vibrant with colour yet darkened by violence; exhausting, yet exhilarating.
Those over 65 were most likely to put it down to destiny, whereas men were less likely than women to take a fatalistic approach.
A half-Swedish American, she has a fatalistic directness that Will expertly counters during their verbal sparring matches.
However, his rather direct call to repent, or perish in the same way, does not allow a fatalistic shrug.
Indeed, when tiny Montenegro, the last former Yugoslav republic to remain aligned with Serbia, voted for independence in May, Serbians I talked to here on the eve of the vote expressed a fatalistic good-riddance attitude.
I wondered if anyone would mention GM's fatalistic attitude.
And is the irony compounded by the fact that his portraits are death masks of a sort, each detail exaggerated to produce a macabre lifelikeness, a fatalistic autonomy?