fat farm

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a health spa that specializes in helping people lose weight

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Nearly 20 years ago, after watching his father die of lung cancer, Mel Zuckerman, an Arizona developer, checked into a California fat farm to lose weight and stop smoking.
Paradise: Hope Cert 15 DIRECTOR Ulrich Seidl's Paradise trilogy is completed with a slow-moving fat farm excursion where honest selfexpression is as rare as hot cakes.
Off to the fat farm before they can say KFC - or you can say GTF.
You got the fat farm article completely right ("Chubby Chasing at DND," Hits & Misses, Volume 13 Issue 10).
NBC's primetime fat farm is giving health and fitness publisher Rodale its biggest hit since "The South Beach Diet" and, under a joint venture with Rodale and Reveille Prods.
In the final week of our serialisation of David Potter's biography of Bobby, Different Class, we recount how father figure Stein did everything to groom Murdoch into one of Europe's leading midfielders even sending him to a FAT FARM to win his constant battle with his weight.
Hey Billie, when, whip in hand, you were sitting on a saddle astride a fat farm animal fetishist in your stockings and suspenders didn't any alarm bells ring?
I'd just done The Insider and went to a fat farm just outside San Diego to re-establish my diet which hadn't worked.
The star, who found success in Hollywood as a character actress, spent the end-of-year break at the 800-a-week Scrublands fat farm in Herefordshire.
To send them away to a fat farm just reinforces negative things.
Unlike the lettuce leaf and water cuisine of the stereotypical fat farm, at Stobo you can really enjoy your food.
NEW comedy clubs tend to have the life expectancy of a Mars bar on a fat farm.