fat embolism

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serious condition in which fat blocks an artery

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Vichinsky and associates noted that the acute pain felt by the patient probably indicated that a fat embolism "had injured the bone, caused necrosis, and then the embolism would progress to the lung.
Although a larger case series is needed, macroscopic fat embolism should be considered in the differential diagnostic subset of non-hemorrhagic infarct when a patient presents with neurological symptoms following cardiac surgery, especially after a valve-replacement procedure.
The probe concluded that the doctors were at fault for not considering that the woman's symptoms were caused by a fat embolism.
But it was the fractures to her legs that would cause the fat embolisms that eventually killed her.
Fat embolism Hemoglobinopathy Embolism Alcohol use Fat embolism Gaucher's disease 1.
Asymptomatic fat embolism is common after skeletal trauma, but only a few patients develop the full syndrome, a potentially life-threatening condition which always involves the lung and often involves the brain and skin (1).
Microvascular occlusion with bone marrow infarction can then lead to fat embolism.
In a bizarre twist, the broken legs triggered a rare, untreatable disorder called fat embolism syndrome, in which fat seeps from the marrow of the broken bones and forms globules that circulate through the body and into the lungs.
Sanam died aged two years and four months from fat embolism - a condition resulting from untreated fractures to her thigh bones.
26) Fat embolism is a clinical syndrome that is caused by microscopic fat emboli, usually following a long bone fracture, and results in neurological, cutaneous, and pulmonary disease with the development of noncardiogenic pulmonary edema radiologically.
The differential diagnosis of ischaemic stroke includes cerebral anoxia, cerebral thromboembolism, paradoxical embolism, occlusion or even dissection of neck arteries, haematological disorders, infective endocarditis and fat embolism after long bone surgery.
First, he obtains the patient's informed consent--after explaining that megaliposuction isn't recommended in the practice guidelines, and that it's associated with increased risks of fluid overload, pulmonary edema, lidocaine toxicity, deep venous thrombosis, fat embolism, and pulmonary embolism, compared with removal of less than 5 L of supernatant.
Doctors told Scott Mann that his brother suffered from fat embolism syndrome.
Sanam, died aged two years and four months, on May 8, at her home from fat embolism - a condition resulting from untreated fractures to her thigh bones.
As there are no reliable means of determining the composition of embolic material intraoperatively, the clinical suspicion of fat embolism poses a management dilemma.