fat chance

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little or no chance of success


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Fat Chance is an easy read for physicians and their patients, with a useful index, glossary, and charts of good and bad fats, dietary suggestions, and sources of fiber.
Fat chance. His son repeats his message, smiles, knowing what he knows, confident that he has finally spoken those words aloud.
Fat chance" of February 2, he lasted fewer than two years as a columnist at the Globe and Mail.
Log on to Fat Chance Belly Dancing (www.fcbd.com) for additional costume items.
Candidates seeking a platform for 2004 may regard The Radical Center as the point on the ideological spectrum where good intention meets fat chance.
Fat chance. One serving (about 17 mini-balls) of most Bites contains 220 calories and seven grams of saturated fat--a third of a day's worth.
Newsflash from the people who brought us fat chance: Moral fiber is not high in fiber.
Fat chance! Wait too long to get started and you'll get a big fat F--for flubbed science project.
Fat chance!" He said "adorable tweets" from fans had left him "close to sobbing", adding: "Thank you all SO much for your kind congratulations.
Fat chance, Fergie doesn't even take his empties back.
FAT CHANCE Watt shows off his torso after copping flak
Leamington Road is residential for its entire length and I am sure its residents would love to have less traffic (fat chance and I bet Stoney Road residents make full use of it).