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Synonyms for absorption

Synonyms for absorption

the process of absorbing and incorporating, especially mentally

total occupation of the attention or of the mind

Synonyms for absorption

(chemistry) a process in which one substance permeates another

(physics) the process in which incident radiated energy is retained without reflection or transmission on passing through a medium

the social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another

the process of absorbing nutrients into the body after digestion

the mental state of being preoccupied by something

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The proposed strategy, in addition to healthy lifestyle and diet, is based on incorporating consumption of the botanical food supplement FB3 Fusion Ingredient to prevent excess dietary fat absorption based upon the safe and effective pancreatic lipase inhibition mechanism.
[alpha]-cyclodextrin can reduce fat absorption and appears to prevent weight gain and promote weight loss.
Orlistat is known to reduce fat absorption by lipase inhibition and is used as an antiobesity agent.
The beans decrease fat absorption and promote the conversion of fat into energy, claim the makers.They say drinking just one cup a day instead of your usual morning brew can help to shift stubborn extra pounds.
In October 2009, Cynosure introduced the Smartlipo Triplex, the world's first laser lipolysis solution featuring three wavelengths that combine to deliver high-powered fat absorption and tissue tightening through tissue coagulation.
Most commonly prescribed drugs are Orlistat and Sibutramine, which suppress the appetite or reduce fat absorption. There were 111 prescriptions for under-16s in 2008-9.
Prescription weight-loss medications Medication Mechanism of action Side effects orlistat (Xenical) Blocks fat absorption Bloating, diarrhea, in the digestive gas; long-term use can system cause vitamin deficiencies due to poor absorption of fat-soluble vitamins sibutramine (Meridia) Works on the appetite Elevated blood control center in your pressure, dry mouth brain phentermine (Adipex-P, Suppresses the appetite Insomnia, anxiety, Fastin) (the exact mechanism is heart palpitations, unknown); similar to dry mouth amphetamine RELATED ARTICLE: WHAT YOU CAN DO
The number of prescription items dispensed to treat obesity has also increased, by 16 per cent to 1.23 million in 2007, with drugs Sibutramine and Orlistat the most common on the NHS to control feelings about food and prevent fat absorption.
It feeds friendly bacteria, reduces cholesterol, and blocks fat absorption in the intestines.
Second, there is evidence from previous studies that calcium might actually protect against heart disease by increasing the ratio of HDL ("good") cholesterol to LDL ("bad") cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing fat absorption. And third, the study group was a narrow demographic (older and white, primarily), and those results might not apply to a broader population.
Other actives claim to be effective in reducing cellulite and smoothing skin by reducing fat absorption in cells that normally store energy as fat or energizing the cells to empty the excess fats stored in them.
Is it only oolong that inhibits fat absorption, and, if so, why?
These side effects result from orlistat's partial blockage of fat absorption in the intestine.
The drug works by blocking fat absorption in the intestine.
The technology actually helps limit the fat absorption in flash fried products while simultaneously protecting colour and flavour making the product also look and taste fresher!