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Synonyms for fastness

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

Synonyms for fastness

a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens

the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

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Fastness to light was assessed in accordance with BS 1006-1978 [10].
Key words: Textile dyeing Washing-off Colour fastness Wastewater Bleaching
Key words:Antioxidant,Cotton fabric,Light fastness,Reactivedyes,ultraviolet absorbers, Durability.
Using only 5% or less unfixed dye instead of the conventional 15-30%, Avitera SE greatly reduces the number of rinsing baths required to obtain fastness properties.
The light fastness values of the heterocyclic dyes are more consistent (as shown in Table III).
Wool fabrics were dyed with lac natural dye through both conventional and ultrasonic techniques and it was stated in the comparison made in terms of pH, salt concentration, ultrasonic power, dyeing time and temperature that colouring power and fastness properties are better in the ultrasonic method [17].
The Copley Scientific Tergotometer is a convenient and economical laboratory-scale system suited to test the | effectiveness of soaps and detergents, or the 1 washability and color-| fastness of fabrics and other materials.
The polymer system of the coating is one of the main factors affecting the fastness properties of an ink jet print, since polymers can stabilize and immobilize the colourant both physically and chemically [6-8].
6, which has improved light fastness and wash fastness over Nylon 6.
Available in 7 colors, Antron Lumena nylon is tested in heat set form for stain resistance, bleed resistance, color fastness to light and atmospheric contaminants, and resistance to crocking.
If this doesn't work, test colour fastness in a hidden area, then gently rub the mark with a pencil eraser.
Development of this novel material required the refinement of a new vapor-phase flame retardant system and new amine light stabilizer technologies to help color fastness.
As befits a repository of historical data, sensitive to both human and natural intervention, the building has the physical and experiential air of a hermetic, brooding fastness.
Novoperm Yellow HN4G is a green-shade azo nickel complex pigment featuring good lightfastness and overall fastness properties, as well as heat resistance that can be used in water-based decorative gravure printing inks.
from what freedom freed from what fastness unfastened what is fear