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Synonyms for fastness

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

Synonyms for fastness

a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens

the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

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Light fastness, wash fastness and rubbing fastness were examined which provided the real image regarding the quality of dye.
Consequently the dyed fabric is subjected to extensive washing and rinsing process at high temperature in order to remove hydrolyzed dyes whichcould otherwise jeopardize fastness properties of textile substrate (Broadbent et al.
4 Light Fastness TestingThe dyed fabric was exposed separately for 36h at 40Cunder artificial light source (day light B01, James H.
Produced heterocyclic dyes have good fastness to light, sublimation and perspiration but show poor rubbing fastness properties.
The colour fastness to washing and light tests were carried out in accordance with ISO 105-C06 and ISO 105-B02, repectively.
The results of this study indicated that the contribution of the coating composition to light fastness is very complex within many coating's categories where many possible stabilization or destabilization mechanisms of the colourants can be pinpointed.
Permanent Carmine P-FBB 04 from the Pigments and Additives Division is a blue-shaded naphthol AS pigment with good fastness properties.
from what freedom freed from what fastness unfastened what is fear
The company offers an extensive range of light fastness and weathering testing instruments.
Work in Europe is also addressing issues of aging and weatherability, including the need for tests of water absorption, weight loss, weatherability, aging, color fastness, and resistance to fungi, algae and insects, according to Gilles Labat, R&D manager of CTBA.
This pigmented ink minimizes the ink bleed for bar codes and small text, and offers better light fastness than dye-based inks.
based company's director of growth, glossy, porous inkjet paper, while desirable for its instant drying, water fastness and compatibility with both dye and pigmented inks, allows ordinary ozone to penetrate the printed surface and attack dye-based ink.
With ink jet color intensity, ink hold out and fastness are most important.
Irish Prize, trained by Neil Drysdale, won the Fastness Stakes and Shoemaker Handicap at Hollywood Park.
The official citation stated: "One of the judges said he was like a guerrilla leader, who, safe in his northern fastness, feels free to cause havoc in the south.