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(baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity

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Catcher Yorit Torrealba said, "His fastball looked so good, we stayed with it.
For ease of analysis, I consider a model where the pitcher has only two pitches: fastball and slider.
Damien only got to the Celts pitcher when he deviated from his game plan of fastball, fastball and more fastball in the middle innings, scoring single runs in the third and fifth innings to tie the game at two.
Possible answers: A fastball mores faster than a curveball; a fastball usually moves in a straight path while a curveball arcs; a curveball drops in the air while a fastball may rise slightly.
I had observed that he used his fastball sparingly and kept it just outside the strike zone, relying heavily upon his slider.
MaxSight contact lenses help a baseball player see a fastball better because the lenses
Returning to the baseball analogy, the artiste administrator is one who has mastered a variety of pitches -- not just the fastball, but the:
We're excited with what we've been able to accomplish for Digital Fastball users with the latest version of the service," said Peter Jackson, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President.
In a game between the White Sox and Angels, the pounding of Ryan's fastball hitting its target echoed through the ballpark all evening, as he struck out 18 batters.
It's easier for a guy who has a 96 mile an hour fastball because if he gets in trouble, he can reach back and throw it right by you and you can't hit it.
The more a pitcher can get his fastball to move, the more effective he is going to be on the mound.
In addition, Gracenote will use Intraware's Digital Fastball services to provide software delivery capabilities and information sharing to its developer community.
With the success sustained by closer Mariano Rivera, the cut fastball joins the arsenal of today's premier hurlers, making life miserable for hitters
For example, many pitchers start every hitter off with a fastball to get ahead in the count.