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of communication that proceeds rapidly

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Matching previous expectations, the gains reflect the banking sector's resilience and ability to cope with the fast-paced, multifaceted developments witnessed by the national economy which in its turn has maintained decent growth rates despite the global economic slowdown.
Ashtanga yoga poses are quite fast-paced and give the entire routine almost a dance-like feel.
The book is sure to capture readers' attention from its first pages and will send them on a fast-paced journey of suspense.
Our goal every game is to limit our opponents to below 40 percent field goal shooting and we can only do that with a fast-paced game to hopefully wear down the opposition.
A DAY of fast-paced fashion events are set to take place all under one roof.
A recent study found that fast-paced television shows can affect how young children think.
It promotes good co-ordination, agility, flexibility and speed due to the fast-paced games.
HONG KONG - Looking to provide even more fast-paced, reliable and accurate coverage of market-moving news from the pan-Asian region, Bloomberg Television has announced the debut of the network's TV studio in Cheung Kong Centre, Hong Kong.
We are a fast-paced agency and always strive to do the best for our clients.
If they truly want to produce a watchable, fast-paced awards show for this remote-zapping, TiVo-surfing, short-attention-span era, they need to apply this formula to all 300 (only a slight exaggeration) or so categories passed out on Emmy night.
But now we have a hot young multi-racial cast who look like their biggest problem is wondering just who they should jump into bed with next, and a fast-paced plot that sizzles with fun.
In Ghost, Burton has taken his decades of counterterrorism and security experience and boiled it down to a fast-paced narrative of an undercover agent who was plunged into a murky world of violent religious extremism spanning the streets of Middle Eastern cities and the informant-filled alleys of American slums.
98) may sound familiar, spicing a vivid and fast-paced story of a murderer who has come to slay a family only to find competition with another murderer with the same goals.
Written by family therapist and educator Pauline McKinnon, who has practiced meditation for over thirty years, Quiet Magic is a novel about a boy immersed in fast-paced life and modern technology.
It's a fast-paced story rich with details of the land and the people who inhabit it, and Grande gracefully alternates in telling the story from the perspective of Juana and Adelina.