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a rapid means of achieving a goal

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted talabostat Fast Track Designation for the treatment of Stage IIIB/IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who have failed prior platinum-based chemotherapy.
We are pleased that the FDA recognizes that Nektar's product for this indication meets the criteria for Fast Track designation and this is an important step toward providing a much-needed medical solution to protect against life-threatening pulmonary infections," said Dr.
The USW is not against trade, but unfortunately the history of trade agreements is clear: I don't know anyone who can name an agreement passed under fast track that has resulted in a net gain of jobs for working Americans.
Sources said that, if the performance of highly educated personnel will remain better till January, then recommendation will be proposed to ministry of Law to approve the law of fast track promotion.
By using fast track from the outset, it is easier to establish confidence with executives, but it can also be implemented at a later stage to re-establish lost credibility caused by programme delays.
In conjunction with that, obtaining Fast Track designation would give us the opportunity to submit our NDA on a rolling basis.
At times, trading partners have refused (or at least threatened to refuse) to conclude negotiations with the United States until fast track was in place.
He claimed the CGF recommended Fast Track for the job for its meritorious past record, beyond which it did not have any role to play.
The fast track settlement procedures are available to resolve both factual and legal issues at any time after an issue has been fully developed but before the issuance of a 30-day letter (or its equivalent).
Caring for those blinds is also vital and Fast Track provide a cleaning service on most blinds.
Deputy Mayor Julie Wong said the city was trying to comply with federal authorities, who have designated LAX as a project to be put on the fast track to meet security concerns.
Fast Track improved and replaced FMI's Job-Site Supervision.
Since the summer, users have flocked to emerging online services like Fast Track, which has become more popular than Napster ever was.
Clearly, PCSO needed to overhaul its application and hiring process, Consequently, in January 2000, the agency implemented its Fast Track Hiring Process and established ambitious goals to make a hiring decision within an average of 30 working days after receiving an application.
The fight over NAFTA, the lost battle for fast track authority, and high-pro file anti-trade protests have called into question general support within the U.