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nuclear reactor in which nuclear fissions are caused by fast neutrons because little or no moderator is used

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CEFR is a fourth-generation reactor and China's first fast reactor.
With a new Obama Administration panel focusing on reprocessing and other waste issues, interest in some quarters has shifted back to fast reactors as a possible means by which to bypass concerns about the long-range storage of nuclear waste, IPFM cautions.
He also outlines how he thinks that future sodium cooled fast reactors should be designed, based on the experience gained with EBR-II.
Advanced nuclear reactor designs, such as the Integral Fast Reactor (IFR), could overcome many of the limitations of modern nuclear reactors ("A Nuclear Renaissance?
To date, the government has undertaken various activities toward FBR development, including the achievement of an experimental fast reactor "Joyo" (initial criticality in 1977) and of a prototype fast reactor "Monju" (criticality in 1994).
The new reactor technologies--the Gas-Cooled Fast Reactor, the Sodium Fast Reactor, the Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor, the Molten Salt Reactor, the Supercritical Water Reactor, and the Very High Temperature Reactor--each have their proponents and their detractors.
The pair spent about seven minutes on their abortive search for the visitor centre before they spoke to a workman outside the entrance to the site's prototype fast reactor.
The gas-cooled fast reactor uses helium coolant directly to a gas turbine generator to produce electricity and would be a breeder reactor.
The first 'fast reactor' was started in 1962, and in 1975 the revolutionary Prototype Fast Reactor was launched
Twenty years of experience is available from the Argonne National Laboratory's 1970-1992 program to develop the Integral Fast Reactor.
No engineer would propose a fast reactor to make tritium from lithium which is a thermal neutron absorber.
While the administration would continue R&D to support today's commercial nuclear plants, it would end development of the next generation of reactors, including the "inherently safe" Integral Fast Reactor project (SN: 1/26/85, p.
The latest decision concerning nuclear power is to pull out of the European programme of fast reactor development.
An insider said the bottle was found inside the former fast reactor complex and staff were breath-tested.
Its fourth generation experimental fast reactor will soon be connected to the national electricity grid.
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