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a hectic and pressured lifestyle often characterized by recklessness or dissipation

the traffic lane for vehicles that are moving rapidly

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These drivers are accused of monopolizing highway fast lanes, oblivious to their fellow drivers, causing blood pressures to rise and knuckles to whiten among those they are obstructing.
Slow Death in the Fast Lane is available both as an eBook and a trade paperback from Amazon.
Fast Lane's partnership deal with VOSS covers two specific functions, including : 1) Fast Lane has opted to be a VOSS Training Partner, expanding the reach of VOSS' complete program of technical training to customers in the Middle East and Africa (MEA); 2) Fast Lane is now has the first VOSS Strategic Reseller in the MEA region, and has added the VOSS UC management technology to its product offering, to provide this value added solution to its vast customer base.
People wanting to drive at lower speeds should keep to the slower lanes but most do not follow this rule and even drive at the minimum speed in the fast lane.
Founded on 14 October, 1985, Fast Lane Couriers began as a one man operation delivering same day parcels in the South East region of the UK.
Team Fast Lane would like to thank all sponsors and partners for their support in the build-up to the national event.
Fast Lane and Moonshiner's Moolah were released on the 15th and 22nd of May, 2012 respectively, and have instantly become popular with all Sunset Slots Casino players alike.
Olympic Air, a Greek airline, today announced that from 1 December business class passengers of Olympic Air and Gold Members of Travelair Club may use the new Fast Lane service at Brussels airport.
Salim Al Hatmi, an employee with a private company says, Eoe1/4EoSome of the truck drivers use fast lane on some main roads to reach early to their destinations, for that extra buck they get in reaching before the deadline.
Fast Lane Daily has revealed details of the Ferrari 599 GTO supercar.
Holidays generally mean a higher percentage of cash customers, compared to Fast Lane users, will be using the highway.
Washington recently made a $50 million investment to put the northbound FAST lane in place at state Route 543; if it is being underutilized, Davidson is hoping the research done by his team of BPRI staff and a cadre of WWU student researchers will shed light on how the lane might be best utilized to improve traffic flow across the border.
Suddenly, the middle lane was hatched off and all that was left was the outer fast lane.
Fast Lane is an online community for those interested in the Nation's transportation system and its future.
after all I have come across many Jumeirah Janes and Mirdif Mollys also, pottering along in the fast lane of Sheikh Zayed Road and holding up traffic.
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