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a day designated for fasting

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The Fast Day Sermon gives tremendous insight into Tichenor's speaking skills and beliefs.
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives declared April 30 to be a "National Fast Day," which drew the ire of Americans United's local activists.
Summary: DUBAI -- The 22nd of every month is a fast day for Dubai resident Santhosh Rai who lost his wife Reshma, son Naland, and eight-month-old daughter, Viha, in the Air India Express plane crash in Mangalore on May 22 last year.
She said: "The school was run by nuns, so there was a fast day every week.
The Temple Institute will start work building the altar on Tisha Bav, a fast day when Jews mourn the destruction of the Temple 2000 years ago.
His journey includes a trip to Lourdes with a footballing priest from Edinburgh, a Rabbi's son's Bar Mitzvah, Ramadan fast day with a young student and meditating with a pagan from the Borders.
The great sages of the Talmud declared a fast day, to concentrate the minds of the people on a drought.
Yonatan Bassi, the government official responsible for relocating 8,000 Jewish settlers, urged the delay to respect the Ninth of Av fast day. Meanwhile, Israel announced plans to build 50 new homes in the occupied West Bank a week after US Pres Bush urged Sharon not to expand settlements.
He said 'the narrative to give respect to vote' is spreading very fast day and night.
Includes: four-week fast day meal planner; calorie counter, 15 ideas for 150 calorie snacks, 50 ideas for 100 calorie snacks, 50 ideas for 50 calorie snacks, 10 ideas for guilt-free snacks, plus tips and techniques on mastering portion control, good nutrition and keeping up your 5:2 eating plan for life.
Tisha B'Av, the fast day that commemorates the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE, comes this year at a particularly fraught moment for the Jewish people.
By: Samar Samir Kamel Hassan is one of about 40 tailors and dressmakers who gather around a big table to break their fast day every day outside their shops at Maadi Grand Mall.
Write down what you eat on a Fast Day - and how you feel - to help you discover what works best for you.