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Synonyms for fashioning

the act that results in something coming to be

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Thus the Museum of Modern Art's initial sortie into the brave new world of fin de siecle fashion photography--"Fashioning Fiction in Photography Since 1990"--is by no means the first museum exhibition of its kind and will surely not be the last.
Consequently--and this is very much the case in "Fashioning Fiction"--a kind of (upward) leveling prevails.
Perrot, Fashioning the Bourgeoisie: A History of Clothing in the Nineteenth Century (Princeton, NJ, 1994), pp.
The fancy-dress performances of the early 1630s--the artist-patriot wearing armor and "the virtuoso gentleman artist" (48) complete with elegant beret and gold chain--are experiments in the fashioning and positioning of an artistic identity.
Perrot's Fashioning the Bourgeoisie, or Dessus et les dessous de la bourgeoisie has been around since 1981; but, happily, this superb translation by Richard Bienvenu will allow for a larger readership.