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Antonyms for fashionably

in a fashionable manner

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Presently he was joined by a fashionably dressed and beautiful young woman and the two walked away up Stockton street, I following.
Lynde says the minister's wife over at Newbridge sets a very bad example because she dresses so fashionably.
The heads of the many fashionably attired women present were busily laid together, and their whispers became so loud that the judge angrily threatened to have the court cleared if there was not immediate silence.
Nerves make her jump out of a moving motor-car, or refuse to be married fashionably.
The galleries were full of fashionably dressed ladies, leaning over the balustrade and trying not to lose a single word of what was being said below.
One morning a young girl called, fashionably dressed, and stayed for half an hour or more.
It is a pathetic sight and a striking example of the complexity introduced into the emotions by a high state of civilization, the sight of a fashionably dressed female in grief.
The gentleman was a plump, thickly-set man, about thirty, fashionably dressed, with a high colour, red lips and moustaches.
STREET style with Breaky Wakey Ben - fashionably early with live updates online from 6.
Clientele is middle to upper income, well-educated and well-travelled with a strong desire to look and feel their best while being fashionably attired.
This week also sees the return of Warwickshire writer and actor Ginny Davis with her latest play, Fashionably Late for one night only.
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The central styles in the frames range are models 81101 and 81100 (pictured left and right) The men's style 81101 is designed to match a business dress code and features a fashionably enhanced brow line.
Mix and match these glass bottke vases for a fashionably eclectic look.
We also look at how to keep fashionably fit in trendy sports wear.