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Synonyms for fashionable

Synonyms for fashionable

being or in accordance with the current fashion

Synonyms for fashionable

being or in accordance with current social fashions

having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress


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He is found sometimes, speechless but quite at home, at corners of dinner-tables in great country houses and near doors of drawing-rooms, concerning which the fashionable intelligence is eloquent, where everybody knows him and where half the Peerage stops to say "How do you do, Mr.
"If you want to address our people, sir," say Blaze and Sparkle, the jewellers--meaning by our people Lady Dedlock and the rest--"you must remember that you are not dealing with the general public; you must hit our people in their weakest place, and their weakest place is such a place." "To make this article go down, gentlemen," say Sheen and Gloss, the mercers, to their friends the manufacturers, "you must come to us, because we know where to have the fashionable people, and we can make it fashionable." "If you want to get this print upon the tables of my high connexion, sir," says Mr.
(Sir Leicester was going to Paris too, by the by, but the delight of the fashionable intelligence was in his Lady.)
2 Pack Ladies' Long-Sleeved Tops Made from cotton-rich material In a fashionable fitted cut with elastane for a perfect fit Sizes: 10 - 20 6.99 Ladies' Jumper Made from soft, cotton-rich material In a stylish, modern cropped style Sizes: 10 - 20 6.99 Ladies' Jumper Dress Made from soft, warm knitted material In a fashionable fitted cut with contemporary cosy shawl collar Sizes: 10 - 20 8.99 Ladies' Quilted Jacket Thick and warm padding in a stylish design With water- and stain-repellent BIONIC FINISH(r) ECO Hood with faux fur trim Available in black with side slits or grey with stretchy belt Sizes: 12 - 20 16.99
"We know it's highly fashionable to look like the Duchess,'' he explained.
According to reports, the fashionable Duchess has taken her hand on making Prince William's wardrobe more exciting and stylish.
The former 'Desperate Housewives' actress is godmother to the fashion designer's daughter, who is 10 months old, and she admits she is the "most fashionable" girl around and she is jealous of the closet full of clothes she will one day inherit.
MINISTERS have criticised the widespread British view that it is fashionable to be "useless" at maths.
Fashionable Mourning Jewelry, Clothing & Customs
He added: "It is now seen as fashionable to tell it like it is.
Manufacturing jobs are being lost because they are not "fashionable" enough to interest Tony Blair, a senior Midland MP has told the Conservative Party conference.
Swede import Dunderdon, known for its functional, yet fashionable denim designs, opens a U.S.
Black was always said to be the most fashionable colour to wear, so therefore other things may be, or may become, the most fashionable thing to be.