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Synonyms for fashionable

Synonyms for fashionable

being or in accordance with the current fashion

Synonyms for fashionable

being or in accordance with current social fashions

having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress


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Readers can judge sexiness for themselves of course--but these constant charges/ compliments of fashionability demand a question: How does the seemingly neutral figure of fashion in fact operate as shorthand for suspicious judgements about 1) non-normative bodies and 2) the temporal modes with which these often "changing" bodies become associated?
Fashion was not just created through the adoption and use of Asian goods, but it was also shaped by a culture in which print was central; and it was the printing of information-visual, as well as literate-along with printing as a productive process, which produced a type of fashionability that could be "read".
Product quality and fashionability are also high and are aimed at men as well as women, with extensive menswear departments.
Above all David highlighted one of the key moments in the narrative of twentieth-century design, the one, that is, in which Alfred Sloan shifted the emphasis in modern consumer culture from 'need' to 'want' and introduced the concept of styling, which immediately put the spotlight on the art-trained designer as the creator of the 'added value', fashionability and luxury, themes which lie at the heart of what we now call 'designer culture'.
Paris and London set the standard for fashionability whether in terms of clothing, manners, carriages, or cuisine.
In other words, just as people buy Swatches for their fashionability, the smart program is not about pure mobility.
But Carlo Baumschlager and Dictmar Eberle are a world away from Wallpaper's flashy fashionability.
The possible reasons for the fashionability of the practice have also excited considerable debate since Westerners first took note of the curious and exotic custom.
After some cranky words about the fashionability of 'ethnogenesis', Goffart's introduction lays out the anti-German thematics of the book and indicates the common concerns and convictions underlying the otherwise self-contained chapters that follow.
An unrivalled reputation for fashionability and acceptability across all consumer groups.
These wines lurched into the throne of fashionability.
This age group, called 'millenials' has an annual spending power of nearly $172 billion," adds Rosario, "and it is this time in their lives that they are testing and redefining their likes and dislikes, loyalties and values, therefore, it's a great opportunity for us to educate them about the ease of care and unique fashionability of cotton.
Media coverage and home improvement programmes have raised awareness of the fashionability and aspirational appeal of sofas.
Once you accept architecture's current role as gauge and guarantor of fashionability and media smarts, you are free to enjoy Story House for what it is--a crammed and insistent novel for hipsters in which a mysterious white building figures as setting, plot generator, metaphor, symbol, repository of personal histories and excuse to philosophize.
The components were attractiveness of clothing, fashionability, formality, femininity, overall grooming, hair grooming, make-up, clothing fabric, accessories, and purse quality.