fashion industry

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makers and sellers of fashionable clothing

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A few days before his death, Baddeo was celebrating his 33 years in the fashion industry by posting his designs over his Instagram page.
Campbell will be recognised for her undeniable contribution to the fashion industry, her world-renowned career as a supermodel, as well as her philanthropist work with charities and incredible efforts for a more diverse and equal future, especially in Africa.
"A couple of months back ESMOD Dubai made us watch the movie The True Cost, where my entire class was exposed to the dark side of the fashion industry. The movie showed us how the garment factory labourers were treated and neglected, and how they were underpaid, how the fast fashion retailers were major contributors to this wastage crises and turning a blind eye to garment factory labourers," she told Khaleej Times .
This year more than 30 Global Shaper hubs worldwide are participating in Shaping Fashion, an initiative that organizes activities and projects during Fashion Revolution Week to raise awareness of the sustainability challenges of the fashion industry and empower local communities to pursue sustainable fashion solutions.
Established designers and international buyers attending recently held TEXPO 2019 were exposed to emerging designers and rising talents in the fashion industry during the fashion week.
Believe it or not, the fashion industry is also the second greatest polluter of the environment, following the oil industry.
Convener LCCI Standing Committee on Women Business Development Aasia Saail Khan said that we have to promote our fashion industry and embroidery sector to secure an important place in the international market.
Lahore -- 'Pakistan is a great place as it has marvelous potential as far as fashion industry is concerned.
ISLAMABAD -- In past few decades, consumers' demand has made the supply chain management of fashion industry more challenging.
A guide to the complexities of fashion supply chainsIn the past few decades, consumers' demand has made the supply chain management of the fashion industry more challenging.
Nuala Gathercole Lam, from Extinction Rebellion, said: "We ask the fashion industry, who do you want to listen to, the youth and the future or the words of our current Prime Minister, whose government is criminally neglecting the UK's agreed responsibilities under the Paris agreement in the face of the ecological emergency?
KARACHI -- Farooq Qaim Khaani said that Pakistan has enough talent and when women engaged themselves towards this talent so it motivates our youngsters to came in the limelight, he shared his views while addressing the opening ceremony 'World Women Fashion Industry' at Defence Mall.
US-based organization the Business of Fashion has released its sixth annual index of the people shaping the global fashion industry. (AFP)
'I will be showcasing among the cre`me- de-la-cre`me of the fashion industry in Africa who are very advanced.