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someone who advises you about fashionable clothing

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The fashion consultant was reported to have been promised profits within a period of six months but when he called the Iranian manager to check with him on any profit, the latter dodged him.
The 54-year-old Italian fashion consultant, who is based in Milano, was said to have invested Dh1.
Another highlight of the event was the unveiling of exclusive machine-washable collections by PandG's Global Fashion Consultant Giles Deacon which included the Dress for Yes collection for Lenor and designs for Ariel and Downy.
Happiest in the queue was creative director and fashion consultant Natalia Shustova, who called the moment she met SJP "a dream come true".
LIVERPOOL fashion consultant Joanne Watkinson said the proposals risked being patronising.
FASHION consultant and TV personality Gok Wan is all about electric this season - taking delivery of a Vauxhall Ampera extended-range model.
JOURNALIST and fashion expert Hilary Alexander joined M&S earlier this year as its Per Una una fashion consultant.
I have been an independent fashion consultant for more than a decade and amassed a global clientele.
Star Joelle's look-alike Joelle Boujaclik, 32, a jewellery designer and fashion consultant, from Saar, said: "The Styling Lounge is a great concept and gives the mall more life.
The company has teamed up with fashion consultant Umit Benan Sahin, who is making his debut with the business, to create a new range with a sophisticated modern jet set theme.
Committed to seeing the Ghanaian textile and fashion landscape grow in economic prominence, he serves as the fashion consultant to the Ghana Textile Printing Company, one of the leading textile companies in the country, with its wax prints widely sold in Ghanaian and West African markets.
These days, Coco works as a fashion consultant for Alberta Ferreti and Adam Lippe - combining her love of travel with her work - taking her from Paris to New York to Milan and back again, seeking constant inspiration with her sharp eye for detail in and around the fashion capitals.
A FASHION consultant who fitted Lauryn Hill with clothes for her European tour in 2007 is suing the singer, claiming she kept most of the outfits.
Fashion consultant Christiane Guerra said: "I thought there was too much fuss over Ashton Kutcher, who only came here to appear once.