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makers and sellers of fashionable clothing

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He had been following the family tradition, for Dan's grandfather was chairman of Foster Bros, the high street clothing retailer and his parents have run their own fashion business for the last 30 years.
Everything I have learned has been from great folks in the fashion business and making mistakes.
In my early twenties I began investing in small properties to secure my young family's financial position with money I earned from my involvement in the fashion business," he said in his acceptance speech for a lifetime achievement award he was given in 2012.
He became a British citizen and built a successful fashion business that paid for a yacht and a home with two tennis courts.
Career Development and Discovery which includes courses in: fashion writing, personal branding, digital fashion communications, entrepreneurship, marketing a start-up fashion business, public relations, event planning, trend forecasting, fashion photography, and vintage apparel buying.
The "9th session of Jack", "The China National Garment Association Award", the "China Fashion Forum", the "China Fashion Business Forum" and the "CHIC2013 Fashion Shows" will complete the opening of China's "First Show" for fashion.
He then began consulting for the next 10 years, to major companies in the fashion business.
TELECOMS engineer Andrew Hayton is fulfilling a lifelong ambition to become the boss of a fashion business after opening an online store.
8-11 in the framework of the Rio Fashion Week and Fashion Business, Brazil's two most important fashion events.
WHAT a shame Ali Hewson's Edun fashion business is failing.
They collaborate on the creation of a wedding dress--with the hope of re-establishing their failing fashion business.
Usually industry guides offer tips from seasoned pros--who may have forgotten the real focus and experiences of novices; so it's refreshing to see industry newcomers included alongside pros in Fashion Designer Survival Guide: An Insider's Look At Starting And Running Your Own Fashion Business.
While its core sports business was 'increasingly robust', the group's fashion business arm continued to disappoint, JD said.
In the meantime, focus on modeling and use that as a foundation for your acting pursuits You need to learn everything you can about the fashion business.
The defendants were operating a fashion business known as AK Fashions and had built a 2,800-square-foot custom home, investigators said.